Style Secrets: Give a table lamp a folk-inspired makeover

Watch our video to learn how to give a table lamp a folk-inspired makeover. This simple step-by-step guide is perfect for a weekend project.

Style at Home's Becky shows us how to upcycle an ordinary table lamp into eye-catching feature

By transforming the shade and base using a few simple techniques your lamp will shine brighter and bolder in any room of the house.

Step 1: Peel sticky backing paper from plastic and smooth onto underside of your chosen fabric design

Step 2: Trim the excess fabric around the backing paper

Step 3: Snap along the score lines at the top and bottom of the fabric and peel off to expose sticky side

Step 4: Stick tape along one edge of the fabric

Step 5: Smooth double sided tape around the metal rings of the lamp

Step 6: Peel off the back of tape and roll the metal rings along the fabric

Step 7: Remove tape at end to stick the drum shade shut

Step 8: Tuck excess material behind edges of metal rings

Step 9: Decorate the lamp base with chalk paint

Step 10: Allow paint to dry

Step 11: Apply wax to the base to add a sheen if required

Step 12: Attach the shade to the base