The dos and don’ts of garden mirrors

It's easy to see why garden mirrors are gaining popularity...

Outdoor mirrors are a great addition to any garden but they’re especially useful in small courtyard gardens on roof terraces and balconies. Increasing a sense of space and reflecting light in more shady corners, a well placed mirror can add a new dimension to a garden.

It’s important to think about where you place your mirror and what you want to achieve.

Garden mirror dos and don’ts

  • Do use small round mirrors to achieve a window-like effect into another world
  • Do get your mirror to blend in surrounded by foliage
  • Do consider what you will be reflecting – don’t place your mirror opposite a wall with drain pipes or air ducts, but try to reflect the leafy interest in your garden
  • Do use full length mirrors to create the illusion of a garden beyond
  • Don’t place mirrors too high up or anywhere they are likely to impact bird flight
  • Don’t use mirrors in hot countries where they are likely to become a fire hazard
  • Do consider using a hardy framed indoor mirror outdoors – often especially designed garden mirrors are made of plastic or polished metal and won’t achieve the right look (you don’t want your garden to look like a child’s soft play area!)
  • Do try buying sheets of mirror to tailor to the size of your space

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination…

A charming mirror window effect is achieved in a courtyard garden.

Another window-like mirror increases the sense of space in this high walled city garden.

This tall narrow mirror creates a very convincing illusion to a garden beyond.

A decorative trellis mirror adds interest to a city roof garden.

This mirror adds style to a design-lead garden.

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