Utility room storage

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Utility room┬ástorage is essential for keeping your utility and washing area tidy and clutter-free. The main use of a utility room is two-fold: Storage – both for the home and garden – and washing, usually clothing and outdoor equipment. While utility room storage has practical written all over it, it doesn’t have to be boring (promise!).

There are lots of different ways to keep everything you store in your utility room neat, tidy and most importantly, accessible. Think about how you use your utility room – what you just store in the room and the items you use most days. Is your utility room an extension of your kitchen? Is it where you wash up or where you wash your clothes? Invest in relevant utility room storage to suit the needs of you and your household.

Don’t forget to really take your style into consideration as you plan your utility room space and remember that practicality doesn’t mean you have to shun your favourite looks. If you’re a country fan, go for wicker storage baskets. Sleek and chic utility room storage can be achieved with high gloss, colourful storage units and buckets. Traditionalists might like cream or grey units with built-in drawers for hiding everything away

.Think about where you can use on-wall storage, such as sturdy shelving either side of your utility room sink. This keeps washing products high out of reach of little people’s hands. If you mainly use your utility room for washing and drying clothes, you can get some fantastic retro laundry sacks to hide dirty laundry away.

Whatever you’re after from your utility room storage, and however you make use of the extra room in your house, we have lots of ideas in our essential gallery round-up.

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