How to make a valance curtain

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  • Discover how to make these pretty valance curtains using Country Homes & Interiors simple instructions


    Learn how to sew these decorative valance curtains by following Country Homes & Interiors easy steps.

    You will need
    • Curtain fabric (we used Curtains made up in Romey’s Garden, Blossom 321442, £68 a metre, Zoffany)
    • Curtain heading tape (try John Lewis)
    • Matching thread (try John Lewis)
    • Curtain rings (try John Lewis)

    Step 1) Measure the window or door opening you want to cover – you’ll need the width and the height. Decide whether the curtain just touches or pools on the floor adding additional length accordingly. Cut a piece of fabric 1.5 times the width of the opening x height plus 8cm. For a wide opening, you may need to join the fabric – just match up the pattern first.

    Step 2) Lay the fabric wrong side up and turn over 1cm and 1cm again along the bottom and two side edges to form hems. Pin and press in place before machine-stitching.

    Step 3) Turn over 1cm at the top, then 5cm again. Pin and press in place then machine stitch.

    Step 4) Using the photograph as a guide cut a length of curtain heading tape measuring the width of the curtain plus 1cm either end. With the curtain still wrong side still uppermost, position and pin the heading tape just under the top hem, turning the 1cm overhang under at each side. Sew all around to attach. Pull the tape cord to fit the window then attach curtain rings to the top of the heading tape and hang the curtain.

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