'Make it look as un-styled as possible' - Interior Designer Banjo Beale reveals his secret for styling a blanket

The Interior Design Master's winner has launched a beautiful collection of blankets with the Tartan Blanket Company

Banjo Beale in office with colour swatches
(Image credit: Tartan Blanket Co)

Interior designer Banjo Beale, known for winning BBC’s Interior Design Masters has found a more permanent place on our screens hosting his very own show, Designing The Hebrides. In the six-part series on BBC Banjo uses his interior knowledge to transform homes and businesses across the Scottish islands.

Originally from Australia, Banjo now resides on the Isle of Mull and this fusion of Scottish and Australian aesthetics has led to his first product collaboration with Scottish ‘warmth experts’ Tartan Blanket Company (TBCo). We honestly couldn't think of a better pairing for the eccentric Aussie designer. 

The limited edition collection of recycled wool blankets, in four exclusive designs – including a picnic blanket in perfect time for the summer – will be available online on May 17th with prices starting at £85. 

If you're a Banjo fan and tempted to pick one up he has exclusively shared with Ideal Home some top tips for styling a tartan blanket in your home.

Banjo Beale on boat with red blanke

(Image credit: Tartan Blanket Co)

Earlier in the year, Banjo revealed that he’d ‘love tartan to come back,’ with it potentially taking gingham’s place as a timeless trend with true staying power. So, whether you’re looking for bedroom or living room ideas, or are in the market for a stylish new picnic blanket, this collection perfectly blends style and practicality.

When it comes to styling the blankets, Banjo recommends keeping it as simple as possible. 'I love to style my blankets in the bedroom. I think a bedroom should be calm and relaxed,' says Banjo Beale.

‘A nice, clean set of linen sheets and a recycled wool blanket is the perfect combo. That's all you need for a bedroom - the goal is to make it look as un-styled as possible.’

‘When I look at my TBCo collection I see a little touch of whimsy, a sense of fun. I feel like it's grounded but also playful and natural,’ he adds.

Banjo sat at wooden table with dog and yellow blanket

(Image credit: Tartan Blanket Co)

When it comes to styling accessories and soft furnishings more generally, Banjo reveals, ‘I think you've just got to go a little bit wild sometimes! Forget the rules and what anyone has ever told you, just go for it.’

‘Have fun experimenting with different colours, textures and interesting pieces you’ve found, don't take it all too seriously.’

In designing his collection with TBCo, using recycled wool was ‘super important’ to him.

‘I'm inspired by the natural world and anything that's handmade so I love that the blankets in my collection are made with recycled wool because that's the circle. So much that we need exists already, so we don't have to go out and buy new or use something new when it's already there,’ he affirms.

Sustainability is just as important, with each blanket saving around six woollen garments from landfill, through the use of recycled wool fibres, with TBCo also pledging 2% of the purchase price of each blanket being donated to charity.

So, as you cosy up with one of Banjo’s designs, whether that be inside or on a beach picnic, you’re supporting an independent business and a more circular economy.

Ellis Cochrane

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