Is gingham over? Interior designer, Banjo Beale, reveals the trend that will take its place

It's probably this trend's turn to take a dance around the block

Tartan bedsheets in rustic looking bedroom
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Interior designer, Banjo Beale, known for winning BBC's Interior Design Masters, reveals the unexpected home decor trend that he wants to see make a comeback – and the interior trend that he's sick of seeing.

We're all pretty familiar with trends and how they ebb and flow, with some staying timeless through many a season, while others only stand a chance for a couple of months.

While we agree with the sentiment that 'the era of trends is over,' there are some trends whose history and heritage will always keep them afloat without fail.

Tartan blanket draped over bench in rustic kitchen

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Goodbye gingham...

In an interview with Ideal Home, we asked Banjo Beale what interior trend he can't wait to be over and done with, to which he responded, 'You know what, I have a funny relationship with trends, but probably dare I say gingham.'

'My partner has some gingham on our bench seat and I'm sick of seeing it in my own home, so now I'm sick of seeing it everywhere else,' he adds.

'I can't take it out of my house because I basically did a PowerPoint presentation pitching to him why I needed us to have this gingham bench seat so now I'm kind of stuck with it forever!'

Blue grey gingham accent wallpaper with console table and gingham chair

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...hello tartan

On the flip side, we then asked Banjo what interior trend he wants to see make a comeback.

'You know what, I'd really love tartan to come back, but I don't know whether that will happen. But I figure, checks came back and gingham, so it's probably tartan's turn to take a dance around the block.'

White bedsheets with purple tartan accent cushions and throw

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And our Deputy Digital Editor, Rebecca Knight, agrees. 'I've really enjoyed the gingham trend, especially in spring and summer, the huge range of colourways now available in beautiful cushion covers and table clothes has made it a brilliant way to add colour to your home.'

'However, while gingham feels very 'now' tartan is a pattern that is timeless. There is no better investment than a wool tartan blanket, but for a more modern stir clear of the typical navy and reds, in favour of soft neutrals.'

Tartan bedsheets and headboard in rustic looking bedroom

(Image credit: Future PLC / Jon Day)

We think tartan is a popular living room trend that never really goes out of style, especially if you're after the feel of 'country warmth' in rustic living room ideas.

Banjo Beale hints that we should keep our eyes peeled for the tartan decorating ideas they delve into in his new six-part series, Designing the Hebrides, set to air this spring season on BBC Scotland, BBC Two, and Player.

Tartan accent wallpaper in room with rocking chair and side table

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Our tartan home decor shopping list

When we think of tartan, it's oftentimes associated with its traditional red and green hues, which can sometimes intimidate people who have a living room colour scheme that may clash.

However, did you know that you can enjoy tartan in a variety of palettes? Here are some of our picks so you can be ahead of the curve when tartan accents are expected to take interiors by storm again.

So, what do you think? Are you convinced that it's tartan's turn to dance around the block in place of gingham, or are you still pretty partial to both interior choices?

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