Best indoor plants: where to shop online for instant plant lady gratification

Looking to treat yourself to a new plant baby? Here's where to shop online

Displaying houseplants on a wooden bench
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If you're on the hunt for the best indoor plants online, you've come to the right place. 

You'll no doubt be aware that indoor plants feature heavily in so many of our favourite design ideas for all rooms in a home, so, yes, you better believe we know the best places to shop for the green stuff.

Here's what you need to know, then, ahead of making good on all of those creative ways to display indoor plants and leaping aboard one of the fastest-growing (literally!) home decor trends around.

Best indoor plants to buy online

Potted houseplants

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When it comes to filling your home with the very best indoor plants, you're far better starting off with a thriving and healthy plant: not only will it look nicer, but it's also likely to be far easier to tend to, too.

So, if you're obsessed with succulents, trying to track down a Christmas cactus, or simply looking for houseplants that can be delivered as gifts (either to yourself or someone you love), flit your eyes downwards: we've covered all bases...


Crocus is one of our favourite spots to shop for the best indoor plants, as they have well over 4,000 varieties available to buy on their website.

Moonpig x Patch

If you are looking to send someone a houseplant in the post for a birthday or special occasion, you'll be pleased to learn that Moonpig has joined forces with Patch to help you do just that!

Beards & Daisies

Beloved by content editor Holly Reaney, Beards & Daisies has been named one of the best indoor plants destinations by the Royal Horticultural Society. So you better believe that they know their stuff...


If you want them, like, yesterday, then Amazon is one of the best places to buy indoor plants online – especially as you can often take advantage of its ultra-speedy delivery service, as well as some incredible Amazon Prime Day bargains.

Clouds Hill Succulents

When it comes to finding the best indoor plants online, Clouds Hill Succulents sell cuttings and rooted cuttings, making them a very cost-effective destination to have in your repertoire of go-to plant destinations.

Bloom & Wild

They may be famous for their fabulous floral arrangements, but Bloom & Wild is also a genius place to buy some of the best indoor plants online, whether you're looking for kitchen plant ideas or for any other room in the house.

A few more places to add to your list:

Want even more brilliant places to buy houseplants online? It's worth considering shopping at the following for some gorgeous indoor houseplants, too:

Happy shopping...

Is it cheaper to buy plants online?

Buying your indoor plants in garden centres is generally more expensive than sourcing them online – although it's definitely worth visiting the likes of IKEA and Aldi for your indoor plants, too. If they can find a way to flourish in a warehouse, they'll likely be pretty good beginner plants!

What is the easiest indoor plant to keep alive?

Succulents, cacti, snake plants, and peace lilies top our list of the easiest and best indoor plants to keep alive: all are low maintenance, and all can survive more than a little neglect, making them ideal indoor plants for beginners.

Is buying plants from Amazon good?

Amazon is a surprisingly good spot to shop for indoor plants, particularly if you look for those sellers with the highest ratings. Plus, as well as Amazon's houseplant selection, you can buy all of the accessories (the pots, the compost, the misters) in the same space, too, which will help you save on shipping costs.

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