TikTok fans love this £3 DIY Christmas window chalk art

Want to deck out your windows in festive cheer without breaking the bank? Look no further

Closeup of candle lanterns, snowflake window decorations
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Fans on TikTok are loving this Christmas window decor idea that instantly transforms the look of your windows – and all you need is a chalk pen! With the seasonal sales behind us, we can now focus on Christmas festivities unapologetically, and for this hack, you don't need to spend a fortune.

DIY Mum, @theglasgownest, wrote in the caption of their TikTok video, 'This is your reminder that Christmas decor doesn't have to be expensive to look cute.' And we agree! The TikTok went viral with over 300k views, and we love it just as much as the TikTok fans do.

DIY Christmas window chalk art


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The video showcases what looks like the Mum's front room windows, decked out in Christmas designs, from festive town landscapes to an array of intricately designed baubles, all drawn on just using a liquid chalk pen. TikTok user, @theglasgownest, says, 'My daughter and I did this on a quiet afternoon with a £3 chalk pen from Amazon and some Pinterest inspo pictures to guide us.'

'It was great fun and a nice alternative to all the expensive and glitzy ads for Christmas decor we are bombarded with this time of year.' We think it's a clever little addition to your DIY Christmas decor ideas.

Osby Star Christmas window light decoration

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Fans in the comments gushed over the DIY saying that it 'looks fabulous' and that they were 'off to buy a pen' as soon as they had come across the hack. One even commented saying that 'you can get a pack of THREE on eBay for £2.84.' While we couldn't find that deal, we came across the next best thing: a pack of 3 chalk pens for £3.25 on eBay and this pack of 2 for £3.50 from Wilko.

Some fans expressed their concerns wishfully saying, 'If only I could draw,' to which @theglasgownest reassuringly replied, 'We just copied some Pinterest pics. Definitely made a few mistakes along the way but we just wiped it off and started again.' You don't need to be a DIY pro or an artist to pull this off! Whatever your experience, it's all hands on deck.

Christmas decoration hangs in a window

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Even better yet, @theglasgownest says that the clean-up process after the festive season is over is super easy. They say that the chalk art 'wipes off easily with a damp cloth so nothing to lose!'

This is a clever way to elevate your Christmas decor without breaking the bank. Will you be getting crafty and trying it out this Christmas?

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