The old-school energy-saving home decor piece making a comeback

High street stores are delivering velvet and bouclé draught excluders to take the chill off without ruining your decor

soft faux fur draught excluder resting on door
(Image credit: Dunelm)

First, it was heated clothes airers and electric blankets, and now we're seeing the return of draught excluders as we look for money-saving swaps to keep our houses warm in winter

Google search levels for draught excluders (yep, the sausage-shaped ones your auntie had when you were growing up) are up by 235% year on year, according to Hammonds Furniture

What's more, they could save you around £45 on your energy bills, says money-saving expert Matilda,@amillennialsaver. The good news is retailers like Etsy, Dunelm and Wayfair have some fab options that are as stylish as they are practical.

Entryway area with draught blocker in front of door

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Draught excluder microtrend

Draught excluders are among the ten most in-demand energy-saving products right now, according to ToolStation. The tool supplier also says that 82% of us are planning on holding out until the last moment before we switch our heating on to save energy at home and keep bills down.

As a result, we predict this old-school energy-saver is going to be a winter staple. It's also had a thoroughly modern makeover. 

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trend Expert says, 'Draught excluders are not only a must-have for keeping cool air outside of the home, but they also double as decor and come at a variety of price points and in a variety of shapes, so there’s something for every budget and style.

soft faux fur draught excluder resting on door

(Image credit: Dunelm)

'For shoppers looking for something especially on-trend, opt for a draught excluder that incorporates hot pink or rich textures like velvet and bouclé, or even a personalised option that’s made just for them,' Dayna adds.

Wayfair's resident style advisor Nadia McCowan Hill agrees that draught excluders are a great fuss-free addition to combat rising home energy prices, while being pleasing on the eye. 'See it as a home accessory to introduce a touch of colour or keep it neutral to warm up and give any space a polished look,' she says. 

'To add a dash of fun, pair a playful draught excluder, at Wayfair to a kids' bedroom. A diverse yet savvy style solution for the cooler months!'

door with curtain and dog draught excluder

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Purchasing a draught excluder for the chilliest room in your house is a quick, easy win that will help insulate your home without spending too much money. Preventing cold draughts will take the edge off and make the room feel a much more comfortable temperature. 

You can also find designs that hook onto the back of your door with Command hooks so the draught excluder is always where you need it. Will you be picking one up this winter?

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