Feng shui consultant warns the energy at Number 10 is off – but will improve in 2024

The PM should 'fix it before anything else goes wrong'

downing street exterior
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After the shortest-serving Prime Minister in history and the second shortest-serving Chancellor, life at 10 Downing Street has been anything but stable, with a 'mini-budget' triggering high levels of financial uncertainty followed by U-turns like the cutting short of the Energy Price Guarantee.

Suzanne Roynon, feng shui expert and interiors therapist says the energy at Number 10 is in an energetic 'lock', causing it to stagnate. And while it's unclear whether Rishi Sunak will be spending most of his time at the Downing Street flat, she recommends the new PM get the feng shui sorted 'before anything else goes wrong.'

downing street exterior

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The feng shui at Number 10

'Things won't run smoothly if a home is out of alignment – whoever you are,' wrote the author of Welcome Home: how stuff makes or breaks your relationship on Instagram the day Liz Truss was elected. In a more recent post, she explains that things will improve by 2024 because at the start of this year we will move into a new feng shui cycle.

'The feng shui of the apartment used by recent prime ministers (actually in no. 11 Downing Street) has been particularly unsupportive over the last twenty years,' notes Suzanne. The feng shui consultant observes a downhill trend that's not just affecting the individual, but the country too. 

But in 2024 things will shift because buildings like Downing Street, which have spent the previous 20 years in an energetic lock are released. 'An energetic lock makes everything more difficult than it needs to be. A lock is a little like an obstacle course and can bring instability, challenging relationships, misunderstandings, reputational damage and all kinds of aggravation,' she tells us.

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Feng shui is much more than tweaking your bedroom layout ideas and making sure your back isn't to the door when lounging on the sofa. One element of the ancient Chinese practice are the four house types, which can provide an overview of what’s going on in a property and for the people who live there. Although three of the house types have negative aspects, these can all be re-balanced with feng shui to bring balance and harmony to the occupants.

The four house types in feng shui

  • Good for People and Money: This is the ‘lucky’ house where people are blessed with good fortune. Wealth, health and relationships are more likely to thrive.
  • Good for People/Bad for Money: The occupants will be happy and healthy, but insufficient money will frequently be an issue. 
  • Bad for People/Good for Money: Although divorce, relationship and health challenges are more likely in this property, there will always be enough money.
  • Bad for People and Money: The most awkward of the house types combines the difficulties with relationships, health and financial pressure. This can lead to high stress levels, poor communication and a feeling of being stuck.

downing street exterior

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'When the new PM steps over the threshold and into their personal space, the first call they should make is to someone experienced in feng shui who will clear the stagnation and disreputable energy in the apartment and invite in new, fresh, auspicious and welcome integrity into their life and that of the country,' says Suzanne.

Otherwise, we'll be sitting tight til 2024.

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