How to decorate with Little Greene Hicks' Blue - the ultimate statement navy shade

The classic navy blue shade you need to know about

Little Greene hicks blue on bedroom walls
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Navy isn't going anywhere, so it's worth taking some time to get 'in-the-know' about the the chicest shades. First up? Little Greene's Hicks' Blue.   

From navy Shaker kitchens to living rooms flooded in inky hues, navy has become a notable paint trend and a more entry-level dark shade that is less daunting than black or charcoal, yet offers the same wow factor. But you want to choose your shade wisely. The undertones will make or break your colour scheme, so selecting the exact colour to suit the natural light in your room is important.  

Luckily, Hicks Blue is an extremely versatile colour. But you might still want guidance on the best spots to use this paint idea around your home. We asked the Little Greene team for their advice on where Hicks Blue will be best suited, so you can make a big impact with a little bit of DIY. 

How to decorate with Little Greene Hicks' Blue

''Hicks' Blue’ is a deep inky blue paint by prominent 60s and 70s designer, David Hicks, who was known for using powerful colours in combination to dramatic effect,' explains Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene

When using a statement shade to decorate your home, you want it to be rich and opaque. Nothing is worse than a dark colour with poor application, causing you to spend a weekend applying countless layers. Hicks' Blue is sumptuous and highly pigmented, making it easy to achieve a premium finish. The task of painting should be simple, but you might still be worried about how and where to use it. Here are a few ideas to get you started... 

1. Colour drench a kitchen

Little Greene hicks blue on exterior of house

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Kitchens and utility rooms most commonly dedicate the cabinets to colour, leaving the walls painted in a neutral shade to act as a contrast. But why not envelop the room in tonal hues? Hicks Blue is ideal for this as it can be used in tandem with lighter blue shades, creating depth and forming a cosy atmosphere in the hub of the home. 

To break up the kitchen colour scheme, bring in elements of natural materials such as wooden worktops and open shelves, then make sure your accessories involve lots of softer textures - like linens. When contrasting different tones, stick to placing the darker colour on walls and the lighter colour on cabinetry for a cocooning feel. 

Alternatively, Ruth recommends, 'pair this evocative inky shade with a related white such as Slaked Lime for a classic colour combination or use in an all-over scheme for a deeply restful, enveloping finish.'

2. Make a bedroom cosy

Little Greene hicks blue on bedroom walls

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Blue is the ultimate choice for creating a peaceful sanctuary to switch off in. From teal to duck egg and not forgetting Hicks' Blue, blue bedroom ideas have a relaxing quality that will help you drift quickly off.  

Statement dark blue hues are best placed in a bedroom as they draw the room inwards for a cosy and welcoming feel. If you're worried about using dark colours in a north-facing room, panelling the bottom half of the walls and painting this will help it to feel more open. 

'Even when used in bold and creative combinations on wallpaper, across panelling and in stripes on the ceiling, this sumptuous blue will create a cosy and cocooning feeling. Its deep inky colour is evocative of the night sky, the perfect shade for a bedroom where it will create a sanctuary for drifting off,' says Ruth.

3. Spruce up the exterior

Little Greene hicks blue on exterior of house

(Image credit: Little Greene)

The exterior of your home doesn't have to be kept plain - painting in an on-trend shade will provide instant kerb appeal without breaking the bank by spending on rendering. 

If you're not quite brave enough to transform your entire property, consider giving your garden a spruce by painting the back wall in Hicks' Blue. The inky shade is perfectly placed next to lush green tones - whether real or faux plants. It's a simple way of making your garden look instantly trendy without investing in expensive furniture. For small gardens especially, it will add vibrant colour without cluttering the space. 

What or where will you paint with Hicks' Blue first?

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