Michelle Keegan's home is the ultimate serene haven - and this is the exact paint shade she used to create it

A masterful white colour scheme is at the heart of the Fool Me Once actress's stunning home

Michelle Keegan at Fool Me Once photocall
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If you've already added Michelle Keegan's fictional home in Netflix's Fool Me Once to your dream home Pinterest board, you'll be even more jealous to learn that the actress's real home is just as stunning. It's serene and elegant championing a bold white colour scheme, and she's shared the exact paint shade she used to create it. 

Choosing the best white paint for your home sounds like it should be easy, but it's really not. 

'When thinking of white paint, you probably think of a brilliant, bright shade. But the truth is there are so many different hues that you'll be spoilt for choice,' says paint & interiors specialist, Sarah Lloyd at Valsparpaint.co.uk.

In a post on her dedicated house Instagram account, @wrightyhome that she shares with partner Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan reveals that even she isn't immune to the challenge of picking the perfect white paint, but she got lucky with this particular paint choice.

The white paint used in Michelle Keegan's home

'Who agrees, one of the hardest things to choose when doing up a house, is wall colours. It seems so simple. Once getting the colour home or ordering online and it arriving, it can look so different,' they write in the post.

The post explains that the pair wanted a 'warm off-white/cream' to brighten up the home and they have nailed the colour choice opting for Calla G503 from Tikkurila Paint.

'We were lucky enough that first go was perfect. We used this colour in our lounge, dining room, plus 2 bedrooms and couldn’t be happier.' 

White bedroom with pillows

Calla G503 from Tikkurila Paint

(Image credit: Tikkurila)

Michelle and Mark's choice of Calla G503 is slightly softer than a pure white shade, it has a touch of yellow pigment to give it a warm undertone. It is available in several finishes and prices start at around £18 for a 1 litre tin. 

How to choose white paint for your own home

While this shade was the perfect match for Michelle Keegan's home, lighting and room size will all impact what shade you choose. As a general rule, most paint experts recommend going for an off-white shade to help make a room feel warm. 

'It’s easy to underestimate how a plain white can affect a space – for example, in very bright rooms, it can look almost overwhelming and stark, in areas of low light, white can appear dingy and characterless. Opting for an off-white can make all the difference!' says Mandy Rippon, Product Manager at Frenchic Paint.

Yellow velvet sofa in a white living room

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Sarah from Valspar agrees: 'If you’re looking for a softer white for cosy interiors, look for white with warmer undertones, like yellow, which will give the room a creamier and warmer atmosphere.'

That being said, cool whites don't need to be off the menu completely. Ideal Home's editor-in-chief Heather Young used Farrow and Ball's Strong White to great effect in her recent kitchen renovation. 

A black open-plan kitchen with a disco ball

Heather's Kitchen

(Image credit: Heather Young)

'When choosing a paint colour for our newly renovated kitchen I wanted a white with more depth that felt modern,' Heather explains. 'I tried many testers but the winner was Strong White by Farrow & Ball because it's light but has grey undertones that work really well with our concrete-effect floor tiles.'

'To add extra interest I layered it with Stirabout (one of Farrow & Ball's newer shades) on the woodwork and our built-in bench seating,' she adds.

How to make a white colour scheme work

If you're keen to stick entirely to a white colour scheme in your living room ideas or bedroom ideas like Michelle Keegan then there are two things you need to consider to make it work that Michelle nails in her design scheme: texture and natural light.

'By combining different textures of white and cream in your room with bedding, rugs, art and accessories, you can create a blissful space that is reminiscent of a Grecian paradise,' Sarah explains.

'Natural light is also key. When using white paint, look for areas where there is lots of natural light. This will not only make the room feel bigger and brighter but also ensure there is plenty of depth and interest, all while keeping everything mellow and hushed.'

White living room with painted beams, two sofas and brick fireplace

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Take the time to choose the right paint for you. Like Michelle says in her post you often won't get it right the first time. Pick up a couple of paint samples that you are drawn to and take them home. Look at them in different lights, in different places, around the room, and live with them for a few days to see how they change and make you feel. 

Then hopefully you should be ready to take the final decision plunge.

Rebecca Knight
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