Shoppers are calling these Primark lights the 'best £1.50' they've ever spent

Light up your home without having to break the bank with this easy trick

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Social media is raving about Primarks indoor strip lights as the best way to add lighting accents to your home without adding to your energy bill. 

In these unprecedented times of rising energy bills, more than ever have we seen people turn to alternatives to save energy at home. From drying their clothes (as we've seen with heated clothes airers), layering up at night-time, to now even lighting their homes.

Well, lucky for you, because we're letting you in on the latest trick to how you can light your home without breaking the bank – in fact, you won't even have to break into a banknote, as this Primark lighting hack will only cost you £1.50.

primark indoor strip lights

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Primark indoor strip lights

These indoor strip lights are available to buy in-store at Primark for £1.50, spanning 1.5m in length – and we suggest that you run if you want to snag one because stock is looking quite limited for this gem of a find. Primark describes these lights as 'the perfect way to easily light up your countertop', and we agree. The lights are a cheap and cheerful way to upgrade your kitchen lighting ideas.

TikTok user, Victoria McKelvey (@victoriamckelvey0), fled to the social media platform to rave about the indoor strip lights and make other shoppers aware of this steal. The TikTok video is captioned 'electric bill is high enough,' claiming that the indoor strip lights are the 'best £1.50 I've ever spent in Primark.'


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'Primark's LED light strips are such a great homeware buy! I have two strips of them in my kitchen and I regret not buying more as they'd look great under my bookshelves. For £1.50 they give you a soft, ambient light, which is so much more homely in the evening than resorting to an overhead light,' says Millie Hurst, Senior Content Editor at Ideal Home.

She continues: 'I like using the LED strips when I've got people over – since they're battery powered you can leave them on without worrying about bills (so you can use these lights as the perfect addition to your kitchen worktop ideas guilt-free), and it means there's always a soft glow guiding the way if guests need to use the kitchen. Budget-friendly, energy-saving and cosy: it's a yes from me.'

If you can't find the Primark indoor strip lights instore, or don't have a Primark near you. We spotted this Colours Kimber Battery-powered LED White Strip light, £8 at B&Q as a good alternative at 1 metre long.

primark indoor strip lights in kitchen

The Primark indoor strip lights in Millie's kitchen

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The kitchen is not the only place where these lights can help illuminate a space. Fans in the comments have shared where they've gotten creative with their own lights, with one saying she 'put them under the bottom cupboard', and another claiming that they're 'perfect inside a wardrobe too' for your bedroom lighting ideas.

If you're looking for an easy way to upgrade any space in your home without having to worry about the number on your smart meter rising, you might want to consider giving this lighting trick a go. We definitely will be.

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