Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor is the cutest Halloween treat on Instagram

You will absolutely want to copy Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor when you see it

Stacey Solomon poses in a hall of mirrors
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This Halloween, we have just four words for you: Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor.

Why? Because, if you're looking for a fun (and easy) autumn project that you can use to deck the halls with all things spooky ahead of 31 October, our beloved Stacey's ghosts are exactly what you need.

And, better still, they cost very little to make. In fact, you may even have everything you need lying around your home (half-buried among all your other Halloween ideas, obviously) already...

Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor

One of our very favourite Halloween decorating ideas to pop up on Instagram to date, Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor popped up in her Instagram Stories earlier this week.

'These were so fun,' she captioned the post. 'The kids loved doing it, and they loved hunting for the perfect leaves.'

Adding that the project is 'so easy', Stacey finished by branding her homemade ghosts as 'really cute'. And we have to agree, to be honest, which is why we tracked down the TikTok that seemingly inspired the little spooks.

Check it out:


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If you want to tackle the project yourself, don't worry: we know exactly how to get started. Because, while you could just cover some autumn leaves in white paint, there's a far more fun and satisfying way to go about it...

What you will need:

You will need to grab the following before you get started on recreating these oh-so-sweet celebrity Halloween decorations:

Step-by-step guide:

A selection of gourds and pumpkins decorated with leaf prints for Halloween

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Honestly, this Halloween craft idea one is almost too easy. If such a thing could be possible.

All you need to do, then, to recreate Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor for yourself is...

  • Coat your leaves in PVA glue
  • Leave them to dry (24 hours tends to work a treat, but you can go less if you need to)
  • Peel the glue carefully away from the leaf
  • Scribble on some eyes on a mouth (alternatively, you can drop a mouth and eyes made from black paper onto the wet glue after the first step)
  • Voila!

All being well, you should be left with some seriously cute (and, more importantly, self-adhesive) ghosts that you can stick all over your windows.

Still, you don't have to take our word for it: Matilda Stanley, fashion and beauty expert (and self-proclaimed queen of Halloween), recently tried Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor out for herself.

'These little leafy ghosts came up on my TikTok and they looked so cute and easy to make, that I had to try them at home,' she says.

Check it out:

Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor, as tried by Matilda Stanley

(Image credit: Matilda Stanley)

'My four-year-old and I picked up some dry, fallen leaves in the park and then used a paint brush to coat them with PVA glue,' continues Matilda. 'We left them to dry overnight, before drawing their little faces on with a Sharpie.'

She adds that 'peeling off the glue is a little tricky at first but once you’ve got a corner, it’s surprisingly quick and satisfying to remove from the leaf'. 

'The little gluey shapes don’t feel wet or sticky but adhered to the window  brilliantly,'  Matilda notes. 

'They’ve been up for two weeks already (that’s how much I love Halloween!) and still going strong. My son loves them and we will definitely make them again next year.'

Painted pumpkin decorations, lanterns, spiders and autumn leaves on wooden floor

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

As mentioned already, you could always paint your leaves white, draw on some eyes, and be done with it.

But, then again, there's something incredibly satisfying about peeling glue; it takes us back to our schooldays, when we used to accidentally-on-purpose cover our hands in the stuff and then take our time peeling it away.

And, when you factor in that Stacey Solomon's DIY ghost decor adheres to that all-important Halloween warning, and you have an absolute winner. 

We'll keep an eye out for your self-adhesive spooks when we're out trick-or-treating later this month...

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