Why colour drenching is the joyful interior trend we're diving head first into

The 'in the know' interior trend you've got to try

Lick Heinz red paint collaboration in red kitchen.
(Image credit: Future PLC)

We're always on the hunt for the latest home decor trends to help you update your space, and colour drenching is top of our radar. Gone are the days of a feature wall, interior designers are now maximising paint ideas for palettes that make the most of every inch of wall (and ceiling) space. 

Colour drenching is an all-encompassing approach to using paint and while this might seem daunting, it's a fast way to achieving a trend-led space. Whether you want to draw a room inwards for a cosy feel by using a dark shade or keep things bright and airy with a lighter tone, there are so many ways to try out colour drenching in a way that suits your home. 

What is colour drenching?

'Colour drenching is when you take one colour and paint everything in that room in the same one colour, from walls to woodwork to your ceiling.' says Tash Bradley, director of interior design at Lick.

We know what you're thinking - really, everything? It can seem like a daunting prospect, but the only way to achieve this paint trend is to jump feet first and commit to the colour scheme. 

Tash's first tip is 'to be brave!' She says, 'This is a huge trend at the moment, and it is one that totally opens up the room as there is no breaking the eye. For instance, if you imagined having a dark blue on your walls and then a white ceiling, you’d notice the changing colours.' 

'Whereas with drenching it is actually a softer way to decorate, giving you the license to go bolder with the colour choices. It may feel intimidating, but the end result is just unbelievable.'

How to colour drench in your home

The most aesthetically pleasing homes, the majority of which are featured on Instagram, all have one thing in common - colour drenching. You might be wondering what makes that room look just so good and the answer lies in not just an on-trend paint colour, but an even trendier application. 

'Even if you have a smaller room… colour-drench it!' advises Tash. 'It opens up the whole space and you don’t notice the edges of the room. So, if you have a windowless bathroom for example, don’t leave that ceiling white, paint the ceilings and the woodwork in the same colour as the walls.'

1. Go for a bold look

Lick Heinz red paint collaboration in red kitchen.

(Image credit: Lick)

Red is officially making a comeback, so if you're on the hunt for a design that screams 'in the know', then drenching a room in the scarlet hue will work wonders. 

It might not be an immediate choice for your walls, but when styled in the right way (think open shelving, rich wood materials and brass hardware) it can look incredibly chic. 

And if you're on the hunt for the perfect shade, Lick has made it simple with their collaboration with Heinz. 'One of my favourite ways to use Red HTK in a home is by colour drenching! Colour drenching means wrapping a whole room with your colour of choice - in this case, Red HTK 57,' says Tash. 

'We’ve designed Red HTK 57 with a dose of black pigment to tone down its intensity and give you the confidence to drench all four walls and your ceiling in colour.'

2. Think pink

Annie Sloan pink bedroom with woodwork painted in same colour.

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Pale pink paint has been seen everywhere from bedrooms to home offices, largely thanks to its calming quality that still adds plenty of character. This is a great entry-level route into colour drenching, as a lighter hue won't feel too overwhelming. Dulux's Colour of the Year 2024 is the perfect blush shade, but the best pink paints will also offer plenty of inspiration.

'A light or mid-tone colour can be used to make a room feel bigger and lighter. This is a good choice for rooms that are small or have awkward spaces such as an alcove or chimney breast. Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin is a great choice to add the illusion of space by blurring the line between the walls and ceiling,' says Michael Rolland, managing director at The Paint Shed.

3. Keep it neutral

White living room with fireplace, mantle mirror and boucle pouffe.

(Image credit: Future PLC/Anna Stathaki)

'Colour drenching with shades of white will achieve an effortless and relaxed charm, especially in a bedroom,' says Sarah Lloyd, interiors and paint specialist at Valspar.

While the trend calls for playful shades, akin to dopamine decorating, it's just as effective when enveloping a room in a bright neutral shade. Not only will it make a space feel larger, but it will also be easy to switch off and relax in. 

'White bedrooms appear serene and spa-like and could utilise different shades of white from crisp white bed linen to slightly warmer tones on the walls and panelling. Using different textures for example wood, cotton, linen and leather provide layering and depth to make the all-white space feel cosy and comfortable' Sarah adds.

4. Mix and match

Hallway with blue paint on walls and skirting boards with pink door

(Image credit: Future)

Colour drenching doesn't have to mean sticking to one shade. If you're feeling brave, it's a great opportunity to combine more than one colour for either a tonal look or an entirely contrasting one. 

Traditionally, 'colour drenching is all about taking one dominant colour and using various shades of it in a room across different surfaces and features,' says Sarah. However, there's no rule to say that you can't go for a multi-coloured look to make a room feel full of personality. 

5. Pick the darkest shade

Living room with black walls and ceiling and pink velvet sofa.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

One of the most common uses of colour drenching is with a dark shade, like black or navy. Painting the walls, ceiling, skirting and architraves, and even doors the same statement colour will create an inviting feeling that is perfect to cosy up or entertain in. 

'A darker colour can be used to create a cosy and inviting space. This is a good choice for rooms that are used in the evening, such as bedrooms or living rooms. Deep yet muted green tones, such as Paint and Paper Library’s Salvia, are perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere,' adds Michael. 

So don't be afraid of fully committing to the colour drenching trend with one of the darkest shades possible - you never know, a snug black living room design could be waiting on the other side. 

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