I recommend this Philips air purifier to all of my friends – and today it has nearly £200 off

I review air purifiers for a living, and this Philips air purifier deal will save you nearly £200 on one of the best I've tested

The Philips 3000i Series AC3033/30 Connected Air Purifier in a bedroom with a wooden bed and blue walls
(Image credit: Philips)

As one of Ideal Home's product experts, I've now tested multiple air purifiers, and the Philips 3000i Series AC3033/30 Connected is one of my top recommendations whenever friends ask me which is the best air purifier to buy.

The downside is that this premium air purifier usually comes with a premium price tag. At its full recommended retail price, the Philips 3000i Series will set you back around £450. Ouch. That's probably much more than most of us can afford to invest in an air purifier, however impressive its performance may be. 

The good news is that right now the 3000i Series is on sale at both Amazon and John Lewis with nearly £200 off. And whilst its sale price still isn't cheap, I do think it's a great investment if you're in the market for an air purifier that can make short work of managing airborne pollution and allergens in your home. Especially if you're dreading the return of hay fever season as pollen levels rise.

Philips has a wide selection of air purifiers in its range, but the 3000i Series is the brand's most powerful. This air purifier can filter particulate from the air in a space up to 135m² – which is a huge area compared to most air purifiers on the market – and has a CADR of 520m³/h. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and means the 3000i Series can filter a lot of air quickly and efficiently.

When I put it to the test for Ideal Home's Philips 3000i Series AC3033/30 Connected Air Purifier review, I was really impressed by how quickly this air purifier filtered out VOCs from aerosols, smoke, and cooking fumes in my home. 

Thanks to its HEPA filter with activated carbon, the 3000i series can also capture pollen, pet dander, and household dust, as well as dust mite allergens, making it a useful investment for anyone who suffers from airborne allergies.

The Philips 3000i Series AC3033/30 Connected Air Purifier in a living room with a wooden floor

(Image credit: Philips)

However, what impressed me most during testing was the level of air quality data the Philips 3000i Series provides. 

Unlike most air purifiers at this price point, rather than just a general indication of your home's air quality levels, the 3000i Series uses its built-in air quality sensors to give you real-time readings of your home's Indoor Allergen Index, PM2.5 levels and gas levels (which measures VOC and odours).

Whilst you don't need to know this data for an air purifier to do its job, if you suffer from allergies or live in a traffic-congested area and are concerned about outdoor pollution entering your home, this is all useful data to help you know when to turn the air purifier on, or when to open a window and allow fresh air to circulate instead.

In my experience, this level of air quality data is only matched by the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde HP09 Fan Heater. However, the Dyson Hot+Cool Formaldehyde is a lot more expensive and a lot slower at filtering the air than the 3000i Series. (Although, the Dyson's 3-in-1 air purification, fan and heater functionality may prove worth the investment for some).

A person's hand operating the LCD control panel on the top of the Philips Series 3000i air purifier

(Image credit: Philips)

If you have a smaller home then you may not need the Philips 3000i Series' powerful performance. In that case, the smaller Blueair Blue Max 3250i could be a better buy for you. 

But, if you have larger rooms or an open-plan home – or you're happy to invest a little more to benefit from the 3000i Series' super-efficient filtration – I think this Philips air purifier deal is a great opportunity to nab yourself a top-quality air purifier for less.

If I suffered from allergies or wanted to combat the effects of outdoor pollution in my home, it's definitely an air purifier deal I'd be snapping up myself.

Amy Lockwood
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