How to make a bed canopy

Discover how to make a stylish bed canopy following Country Homes and Interiors simple steps.

How to make a bed canopy

Make an elegant bed canopy using Country Homes & Interiors easy instructions.

You will need

  • fabric (we used 7634/07 Zahira Maize, £63.00 per metre, Romo)
  • 2 wooden poles cut to fit the width of the fabric
  • matching threadpinssewing machine or needle
  • scissors
  • cup hooks and ribbon (optional)

Step 1) Using a wide fabric measure the length of the bed plus the height from which the canopy will hang. Next measure the circumference of the two poles. Add all these measurements together plus 1cm per pole and 4cm for seams. Cut out the fabric to match this total measurement.
Step 2) Turn the seams over around three of the edges apart from the foot end of the canopy. Pin, sew and press.
Step 3) At the foot end of the canopy make the first channel by turning the end of the fabric under by 1cm then turn under again by the measurement of the circumference of the pole plus 1cm. Pin and sew this channel.
Step 4) Lay the fabric down wrong side facing and fold at the point at which the pole for the head end of the bed will thread through. Create a channel at this point measuring the fabric from the folded edge to match and fit the pole circumference plus 1cm. Pin and sew.
Step 5) Push the poles through the channels. The poles should now be slightly longer than the channel to allow for it to be hung up. Position over the bed and suspend from the ceiling with hooks and ribbon or from the beams.
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