What does your bedroom style say about you?

Are you a pattern pro or a humble home-maker? Find out what your bedroom style says about you!

From romantic retreaters to pattern professionals, find out what your bedroom scheme says about you:

The beach dreamer

A cool palette of soothing teal and biscuit tones gives this room away – it could only belong to a true nature lover! Wooden textures, rattan details and hand-made accessories create a pared-back, natural vibe, while the room's symmetrical layout makes it feel like a boutique hotel by the sea.

You are: a coastline craver with an eye for simple luxury.

bedroom with blue colour and wooden flooring

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The monochrome master

Who needs colour when black and white looks this good? A two-tone palette means that pattern clashing works brilliantly, while pale flooring, white linen and finely draped curtains keep the room feeling bright and modern.

You are: a cool contemporary with plenty of flair.

bedroom with black and white carpet

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The prim perfectionist

Colour co-ordinated to the max, your bedroom scheme leaves little room for error. Matching bed linen, storage boxes and curtains create a neat, cohesive scheme, and sweet family photos and pretty artworks add touches of personality (all in the correct palette, naturally).

You are: an orderly soul with a keen eye for colour.

grey polka dot quilt and pillows and white wall

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The statement maker

Bold bed frame? Check. Geometric wallpaper? Sure. Piles of pattern? You bet! This bedroom belongs to an interiors maven with plenty of decorating know-how. Each of these elements would work beautifully in a simpler room, but this scheme brings them all together to create a harmonious look with tonnes of interest.

You are: a fearless decorator who can clash with confidence.

bedroom with wall clock and side table

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The quiet creative

A sea of white interspersed with soothing navy and biscuit tones give this scheme a cool, understated vibe. But don't be fooled by the minimalist exterior; stacks of books and pretty artworks suggest a creative current underneath.

You are: a bit of a perfectionist with a love of the arts.

bedroom with white wall and tile flooring

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The pattern pro

Loud, proud and full of pizzazz, this dynamic room is not for the pattern-shy. A bold combination of spots, stripes and vibrant artworks suggest a flair for colour, whilst a co-ordinated palette shows a designer knows how to pull it all together.

You are: a colour-confident decorator who craves the
‘wow' factor.

bedroom with four-poster bed and wallpaper

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The opulent over-indulger

Talk about Bed, Bath and Beyond – this indulgent bedroom just can't say no! Exquisite cornicing and beautiful tiles are amped up with gilt mirrors and decadent artwork, whilst a piano and cast-iron bath add a final touch of elegance.

You are: a conscientious collector who knows how to use space.

bathroom with with vintage bathtub and bookshelf

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The modern luxe-lover

Layering up muted creams and greys gives this scheme plenty of depth, whilst delicate metallic touches add sparkle. Studded cushions, sequined fabrics and an iridescent headboard draw the eye, whilst glass pendants and a reflective cabinet are the final flourish.

You are: a secret magpie who can't resist a touch of glamour.

bedroom with sliver bed and cushions and side table

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The humble home-maker

Not one to be swayed by trends, this earthy scheme doesn't need frills or fripperies. A sandy colour palette and wooden textures are soothing and clutter free, whilst sprigs of seasonal foliage add a natural feel.

You are: a calm and confident decorator who takes pleasure in keeping it simple.

bedroom with white wall and wooden stand side table

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The romantic retreater

Flowers, frills and fine fabrics – nothing is too romantic in this bedroom! A draped voile canopy and layers of cotton bedding in country-inspired shades of pink and green create a soft, feminine feel.

You are: a delicate decorator who longs to hunker down in a cosy retreat.

bedroom with coronet with drapes above bed and curtain

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