Angel Strawbridge reveals the one thing you must 'always' do for the perfect guest room

The Escape To The Chateau star has shared the key to creating a dreamy guest room for friends and family

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It might only just have turned September, but many of us will already be thinking about getting our homes guest ready for the festive season. However, before you invite your guests over you might want to heed Angel Strawbridge's guest room tip.

Angel Strawbridge and her husband Dick Strawbridge rose to fame on the hit Channel 4 TV show Escape to the Chateau. On the show the pair transformed a 19th-century French Chateau into an incredible events venue, complete with stunning rooms for guests to stay in, bursting with Angel's unique and stylish guest room ideas

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It's fair to say Angel knows a thing or two about guest rooms and hosting, so we were keen to find out her secret ingredient for creating the perfect guest room. It turns out it is as simple as staying in the room before settling on the finishing touches.

'You must always stay in the room once you've got it created,' Angel told Ideal Home on our recent visit to the Chateau to explore the new range. 

Angel explains that staying in the room is a crucial step that will uncover little things you might have forgotten that could make all the difference to your guests. 'There are obvious things that are like having a bed and a bathroom if possible. Or if it's your home, make sure you've got a mirror and a hairdryer. 

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Angel points out, that even if you've nailed the bedroom decor ideas, sometimes it is the finishing hospitality touches that can make all the difference to your guests. 'Whenever we go to Dick's mum she always keeps little shampoos and conditioners,' explains Angel. 'Even though we often bring our own but it is so lovely and welcoming.

'If you stay in that spare room and you'll just know the bits and pieces you'll need.'

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For Dick and Angel those bits and pieces that their guest rooms need are slightly different to what you'd expect to put out for friends and family. While each guest room at the Chateau includes kettles, tea bags and coffee machines, in your own home you could keep it as simple as adding a water glass and carafe on the bedside table.

Don't forget it is often the little things that make the difference.

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