Couples bedroom ideas - win-win schemes that you'll both love

Differing opinions or similar taste? Either way, find palettes, patterns and practical ideas that make for good relations

Green bedroom with Critall doors and wall lights by bed
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Maybe your partner is happy to leave the decorating decisions to you? If that's the case, there will be plenty of couples bedroom ideas to suit. 

Yet whether your partner has strong design ideas or doesn't give a hoot, you'll still need to take both of your requirements into account when brainstorming bedroom ideas you'll both love. 

Clutter is stressful, so to create a relaxing and romantic space, start with the practicalities. How much storage space do you both need for clothes and shoes? What types of storage will be best for shirts, trousers and dresses; hanging rails, drawers, shelves, or racks? Does one or both of you have a sports kit or trainer habit?

Who likes to read at night or has to get up early for work? Think about your lifestyle and likes and dislikes before choosing the best type of lighting - and make sure you can lower it too.

Consider, how easily you wake up, as the right window treatment, whether blinds, curtains or shutters, can reduce light, noise and cold or heat.

Once the functional stuff is taken care of, you can move onto the fun part; choosing colour and pattern.

Couples bedroom ideas

1. Choose charming coastal style

Blue bedroom with striped bedding and patterned wallpaper

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Tones of mid blue have a coastal feel that can satisfy both masculine and feminine tastes in master bedroom ideas. Blue is also a great shade for a bedroom as it can be calming, if you choose the right shade.

'Blue lowers your heart rate making it easier for you to fall asleep,' explains Hannah Cooley, Product Manager, Hillarys. 'It’s such a classic colour, and because a lot of shades are named after the sea, such as ocean blue or marine blue many people use it in the bathroom. However, the paler tones are perfect for the bedroom and your sleep pattern too.'

2. Hang pendants each side of the bed

White bedroom with wall panelling, wall lights and wooden bed

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If one of you likes to sit up reading or watching the TV and the other prefers to doze, hang pendant lights on each side of the bed. This is a smart bedroom lighting idea to make sure you don't disturb the sleepy one. 

Make sure they are run on a different circuit to the central light or other reading lights, if you like to be able to change the mood. This is also essential for couples bedroom ideas as you'll want to be able to operate them independently of each other. 

'When choosing bulbs, warmer tones are renowned for promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, so are perfectly suited to bedrooms,' advises Rohan Blacker, founder, Pooky

'They help to create atmosphere and will make a huge difference to the feel of a room. However, avoid lighting that looks too orange and artificial, so aim for bulbs that are 2700-3200K.'

3. Pick plaid for a striking flooring choice

white bedroom with blue and yellow plaid carpet

(Image credit: Future / Colin Poole)

Like to step out of bed onto soft flooring? Carpet is popular in couples bedroom ideas but plain weaves can show every mark. 

Pattern is great, especially if you don't want to have the hoover out every day, and plaid looks fresh and modern.

'While wooden floors have been centre stage in many homes in the recent past, we have seen a dramatic rise in sales of patterned carpets,' says Jodie Hatton, Design Manager, Brintons

'Fitted carpets are back with gusto and the addition of a fabulous pattern in an interior can bring together an array of colours.'

4. Colour block for a cool compromise

Bedroom with pink, blue and green colour blocking

(Image credit: Future / Dominic Blackmore)

Can't decide on a colour you both like? Choose one or two bedroom paints each and combine them in a colour block wall.

You'll need to make sure they are tones that can work together, but this is easy enough to do with paint samples. 

This way, you both get to choose a colour you're happy with, and make a style statement with your couples bedroom ideas at the same time.

5. Nail neutrals with a hint of colour

White bedroom with wooden bed frame

(Image credit: Future / Colin Poole)

Neutrals can get a bad rap as being, well, a bit boring to be frank. Yet that doesn't have to be the case. Neutral bedroom ideas are a great option as they tend to be calming, and a good stylish crowd pleaser when styling a couples bedroom. 

'When working with neutrals it's a good idea to combine colours in your interior scheme to prevent the space from looking cold,' says Justyna Korczynska, Colour Consultant, Crown. 'Tones of grey work particularly well with lavender for example.'

6. Make it moody with dark tones

dark bedroom with sheer curtains and chandelier over the bed

(Image credit: Future / Colin Poole)

Create a cocooning effect with dark tones for a cosy space to retreat to at the end of the day for you and your partner in your couples bedroom ideas.

Rich, dark shades, such as chocolate brown or barely black on the walls and furniture will absorb light and are a sophisticated spin on traditional romantic bedroom ideas

Break up chunks of dark colour with your bedroom curtain ideas, pairing white voiles with blackout blinds at the window for privacy during the day, and lighter tones on the bedding and flooring to balance the overall effect.

7. Let the bed take centre stage

Turquoise and pink bedroom with white bed

(Image credit: Future / Colin Poole)

Measure the room properly and buy the biggest bed that will comfortably fit - the roomier the better is our top design tip for sleeping better when sharing a bed in couples bedroom ideas. This is even more important if one of you is a restless or hot sleeper.

Make a feature of the bed with pretty patterned bed linen. This is a great opportunity to introduce other colours to your scheme too, particularly if the print combines hues you both like. Select an accent shade and repeat it on cushions for a bold boost.

'Allow your bed to be the centre of attention. It should be the focal point of your bedroom,' says Joanna Ross from Sheridan. 'By adding vibrant colours, striking patterns and textures – you will be sure to draw your eye straight to your bed.'

8. Switch the mood with wall lights

White bedroom with wall lamps and wooden bed

(Image credit: Future / Colin Poole)

A bright overhead ceiling light can quickly kill a mood in couples bedroom ideas, so including low wall or side lamps in a bedroom is essential. 

Whether you're setting the tone for romance, or reading, wall lamps with a warm, low light will make for a relaxing atmosphere, and free up surface space in small bedroom ideas at the same time.

'In terms of brightness, for bedrooms, it's best to pick bulbs with lower lumens as you never want your sleep space to be as bright as, say, your kitchen or home office,'  says Rohan from Pooky. 'Even for reading in bed, too much brightness can be detrimental to the pre-sleep routine.'

9. Use alcove space for a wardrobe each

wardrobes in alcoves in grey bedroom

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Alcoves make an excellent spot for bedroom wardrobe ideas, especially the built-in variety, where you can utilise every centimetre of space from floor to ceiling. Even better if there are two alcoves either side of a chimney breast for couples bedroom ideas, as it allows for a wardrobe each.

Mirrors, rails, drawers and shelves can be hidden behind closed doors, keeping clothes, shoes and clutter out of sight.

'Bespoke furniture provides ultimate flexibility, even down to the smallest detail, allowing you to choose the amount of open or closed storage, drawers and more,' says Simon Tcherniak, Senior Designer, Neville Johnson

10. Introduce a 5* feel with a headboard

Blue and white bedroom with standing mirror, upholstered headboard and cream curtains

(Image credit: Future / Olly Gordon)

There's nothing quite like indulging in everyday luxuries at home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to introduce a plush five star hotel style headboard into your bedroom.

'Using intricate headboards are a way of introducing personality to a space,' says Martin Waller, Founder, Andrew Martin. 'Our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them. Don’t be afraid to choose a more outlandish style as this only adds more character.'

How do couples design bedrooms?

It is entirely possible to create couples bedroom ideas you both like, even if you have differing tastes. Even if you can't both agree on modern bedroom ideas, you can find common ground with colours, styles and materials you both like. There's no point choosing a colour or a girlie style if your partner hates it. 

Think about hotels you've stayed in and elements that you've both liked and create a Pinterest board with images that you're both drawn to. You'll start to see a theme take shape and this will give you a starting point for the decor.

How can I make my bedroom intimate?

Being able to adjust the lighting to set the mood is an important part of any room scheme, but especially in couples bedroom ideas.

'Lighting is key and so is its functionality. Ideally the wiring should allow for you to you control all lights at the bedroom door and also in bed – you don’t want to have to get out of bed last thing to turn off the master light,' says Clara Ewart, Head of Design, Kitesgrove

'Always try to have dimmable switches so you can adjust the brightness according to the time of day.'


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