Neutral bedroom ideas – ways to create a calming sleep space

Soothing and unassuming neutrals come into their own in the bedroom

Neutrals are the 'no makeup' makeup of interiors – it looks effortless but totally isn't. Neutral bedroom ideas are ideal if you want to create a soothing space to retreat to after a long day that makes you breathe a sigh of relief.

Which is all of us, non? Whatever easy-on-the-eye hues you choose, rest assured that neutrals will never go out of style. They're loved by the likes of Kelly Hoppen and Bobby Berk, and are sure to create a cosy, inviting and understatedly chic vibe.

Neutral bedroom ideas

There's actually so much choice when it comes to decorating with neutrals in the bedroom. From fresh whites and buttery creams to earthy browns and soothing greys, neutral tones truly come into their own in the room we use to unwind and sleep.

Dulux revealed that an array of neutral paint colours reign supreme on its website. A grey called Polished Pebble and an Egyptian Cotton beige are the two most popular paints of all, followed by a blush pink and white. Read on for inspiring neutral bedroom ideas that will tempt colour lovers over to the neutral side.

1. Layer plenty of different textures

bedroom with white wall and mirror

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

When you're working with a pared-back bedroom colour scheme, it's ALL about layering textures. This simply means bringing in a variety of materials. Take inspiration from the image above, which combines a riot of tactile elements. There's bouclé and wool, linen, glass and ceramics, as well as some lovely wood and a woven material on the chest of drawers.

By mixing a variety of neutral tones in differing textures, you'll be able to create an inviting and cosy oasis. You could play with texture with a soft sheepskin rug by the bed, a velvet throw cushion and a clear glass bedside lamp.

2. Add warm metallic accents

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd / Simon Whitmore)

Incorporating some kind of metallic element is always a good idea, whatever room you're decorating. You could have warm copper or rose gold light switches, or perhaps some brushed gold bedside lamps to match the details on your bedframe (as seen in the pic above).

When choosing bedroom lighting ideas, from floor lamps to sconces, look out for metallic elements, as these will just bring that extra layer of interest and shine into your space.

3. Make a wooden accent wall

bedroom with white wall bed

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd / Katie Jane Watson)

Create a wooden accent wall to add texture, warmth and visual intrigue. You really don't have to be a DIY expert to create something like this, and it'll give you something totally unique on a budget.

The vertical wooden slats here help to create a clear focal point in the absence of a headboard. We're also loving the cable knit throw, terracotta hues and the plants that bring a splash of natural colour.

4. Use grey as an alternative to white on your woodwork

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Lick)

'To offer a beautiful twist to any room, I recommend choosing grey as an alternative to white when decorating your woodwork,' says Tash Bradley, Lick Head Colour Specialist. 'Make sure you are matching the undertone to the colours on your walls to add elegance, character and drama to the room,' she says.

Opt for a dramatic dark grey as seen in the image above or something gentler like Lick's Grey 01. Paint panelling, skirting boards, picture rails and door frames to tie in with existing grey bedroom ideas.

5. Create a sense of height with fun lighting

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Fairy lights, festoons or simply a large pendant light can lift a space and draw the eye up, making it feel more airy. Replacing an existing pendant light with something that makes a statement will instantly elevate the space.

The black festoon lighting here brings the outside in and creates some shape, contrast and ambience come evening.

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Use the walls in your bedroom to display a selection of treasured prints, photographs and mementoes. The natural wooden frames here tie in beautifully with the calming neutral scheme.

Hanging prints on the wall can feel daunting but it will add character and detail.

 7. Add a single accent colour 

bedroom with grey wall and bed

(Image credit: Secret Linen Store)

Molly Freshwater is co-founder of Secret Linen Store, which has just expanded its range of naturals, creams and whites, as it predicts neutrals will continue to be extremely popular. Unless you're wedded to an all-neutral scheme, she recommends using a splash of colour to keep things exciting. Rich forest green works beautifully in the scheme above, creating a bed we just want to climb into.

'Try having the less expensive pieces as your opportunities for pops of colour – this could be prints, vases, candles or even colourful books,' says Molly. 'Plants and flowers are also a great way to do this, bringing in life and colour.'

8. Clash patterns

bedroom with white wall and bed

(Image credit: Dekoria GmbH)

You can definitely afford to be bolder with patterns in a neutral scheme as there's less to stimulate the eye. Striped bedding is a fantastic way to introduce some subtle colour, from a soft pink to sky blue, or you can stick with a taupe or brown.

Pattern clashing might sound intimidating but throw away the rule book and experiment with a few different patterns united by a similar tonal palette.

9. Push some boundaries with blush pink

bedroom with white wall and frame on wall

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

Is blush pink a neutral? We think so. 'Muted colours, such as blush pink, can be worked into the interiors as a neutral tone,' say Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founders of Interior Fox. 'Its softness sits comfortably within a neutral heavy interior, adding a subtle element that will elevate an existing scheme.'

10. Choose a theme

bedroom with frame on vase

(Image credit: Desenio)

Neutral bedroom ideas fit in seamlessly with absolutely any interior design style. Fancy going for a New York loft vibe or Parisian apartment? Neutrals will work perfectly.

Likewise, fresh white or cream walls and furniture form the perfect backdrop to a regency, Boho or Mediterranean-inspired space. Layer on decor pieces that fit with your chosen style, which you can constantly swap out.

1.. Create interest with shapes

bedroom with grey wall and chair

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd / Colin Poole)

When planning out some neutral bedroom ideas for your serene and clutter-free space, look for interesting shapes in furniture or artwork. Striking silhouettes, whether it's an armchair, side table or print, will bring visual intrigue to your pared-back room.

How do you decorate a neutral bedroom?

Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte from Interior Fox say decorating with neutrals is about using a variety of tones. 'When working with neutrals, it’s important to work with different tones, sticking to one colour throughout the interiors can make a room look flat,' they explain.

'Mix it up by pairing cool tones with warmer ones to create points of interest in the space.' Jenna and Mariana also say that using rattan, seagrass, distressed wood and other natural materials will add dimension and depth.

How do I add colour to a neutral bedroom?

'Working with neutral shades allows you to create a base that is easy to build upon depending on the season or mood,' say Jenna and Mariana. 'Add in bursts of vibrant colour during the summer months or sumptuous and earthy colours during the winter. Whatever colour you choose, introduce it through soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, and rugs.'

If you're decorating with grey Tash Bradley from Lick suggests picking a grey with a coloured undertone. Then, if you have a grey with a blue undertone, for example, you can pull out some of this colour with blue accessories. Pick your accent colour depending on how you want the space to feel. Tash says a grey with a pink undertone will create a nurturing feeling, green will bring life into a room and blue can be very soothing.