If you can't get your bed sheets to stay on, you're probably making this mistake

Experts advise against making this when shopping for bed sheets

White bedroom with double bed and hanging plants on both sides
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Can't seem to get your bed sheets to stay on? Don't worry, it happens to us too. If you're trying to streamline the bed-making process, experts are advising us to stop making this crucial mistake when shopping for bedding.

I'm sure we all know the feeling of trying to put a fitted sheet on a mattress and the frustration that arises when the corners keep slipping off. It almost feels impossible sometimes to have all four corners sit without one popping out.

Lo and behold, the experts are here to save the day so we can skip that rather frustrating part of making the bed.

White bedroom with double bed and hanging plants on both sides

(Image credit: Future PLC/James French)

How to stop your bed sheets from slipping

As much as people can make mistakes when buying a mattress, there are also common mistakes people make when buying fitted sheets to accompany their favourite bedding sets.

M&S Home revealed that searches for 'bed sheets that stay on' has risen by 20% in the past month alone, to which their homeware textile designer, Lydia Lloyd shared a simple trick.

'To ensure your bed sheets stay on the bed, opt for a deep fitted sheet as the extra material in the sizing will reduce the risk of it slipping off the corners of the bed,' she advises. 'Remember to tuck the sheets properly under the bed.'

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With how often you're supposed to wash bedding, I used to almost hate when wash day came around as I knew I'd have to face my nemesis – putting on the bed sheets – but this tip was something I had picked up in the past and I'm happy to see it resurfacing.

Getting your hands on a deep fitted sheet is also something that's extremely attainable, as they're available to purchase at your most common homeware retailers.

At Dunelm, deep fitted sheets will set you back starting at £10, while deep fitted sheets at M&S start at £12. The M&S ones are definitely a fan-favourite, acquiring multiple 5-star reviews.

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So if you've been struggling with keeping your bed sheets to stay put, perhaps it's worth picking up a deeper fitted sheet. You could surprise yourself with the quality of life upgrade it'll give you.

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