I'm a home stylist - these are the design features all the best quiet luxury bedrooms I've seen have in common

The simple design ingredients for an upscale sleep space that’s big on tranquillity

Cream bedroom with abstract art on wall, wavy head board and natural coloured bedding
(Image credit: Sharps)

While the term ‘quiet luxury’ has been floating around the interior's scene for some time, its popularity has risen somewhat of late and no more so than in the bedroom. 

With the stresses of modern life and fast-paced lifestyles at an all-time high, it seems we’re embracing the need for slower interiors that give us that much sought-after sense of calm – and having a bedroom that has an expensive feel with a neutral palette and luxurious fittings is perfect for helping to unwind, destress and quieten your mind. 

But what is a quiet luxe bedroom – and how can you achieve it? From indulgent fabrics to extravagant materials and harmonious neutrals, there are some key features that as a home stylist I always see in bedroom ideas that nail the quiet luxury look, where less is more and the devil is in the detail. 

Read on for my tried-and-tested recipe for curating a luxury bedroom that’s gentle and soothing, with a feeling of grandeur. 

1. Glamorous touches

The trick to elevating your bedroom is including a mix of materials that scream luxury. From decorative accessories that offer glints of metallic (think gold and brushed brass) to furniture in marble and glass, you can easily give your bedroom a more opulent feel. 

Update existing pieces with new quality handles and keep the rest of your scheme simple in design to let these pieces shine.   

Cream bedroom with large window, voile curtains and marble boxes at the end of the bed

(Image credit: Collection Noir)

2. Soft lighting

Gentle, calm lighting is key to keeping this bedroom look from feeling harsh and create a coveted soft glow. Opt for calming, diffused bedroom lighting ideas from bedside lamps or swing-arm wall lamps, while a dimmable overhead light offers both soft and brighter light when you need it. While having LED bulbs that can be adjusted makes for a convenient choice, helps soften the look further with fabric lampshades that tie in with the overall neutral palette. 

Cream bedroom with abstract art on wall, wavy head board and natural coloured bedding

(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)

3. Calm colours

 A quiet bedroom means having a bedroom colour scheme that doesn’t fight for attention…you want it to feel warm and light, while offering a calm, serene space in which to sleep. 

Neutrals are a big part of this palette, but that doesn’t mean you can’t combine some other shades into the mix. Think deep browns and beige, rich russet and a pale duck egg or eau de nil teamed with shades of sand, cream and greige. 

White bedroom with blue bed, layered in white bedding and orange throw

(Image credit: Atkinson & Thyme)

4. Bespoke storage

As the saying goes: ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ and that goes for the bedroom too. Having clutter, no matter how neatly it’s stored, will give you the opposite of a ‘quiet’ bedroom, so ensure clothes and other items are kept out of sight. 

Bespoke storage is ideal as not only will it ensure your bedroom feels streamlined, but it offers a luxury look with neat furniture that makes the most of every inch of your room’s space – even down to tricky sloping ceilings. 

Wooden wardrobe in bedroom with sloping ceiling

(Image credit: Sharps)

4. Sumptuous fabrics

Quiet luxe bedrooms demand quality, right through to the fabrics used, from your bedding and curtains to upholstered headboards, footstools and even rugs underfoot. Go for soft linens, crisp cotton and textured boucle, while strokable velvet and sumptuous silk can create an extravagant vibe worthy of boutique hotels.  

Cream bedroom with large upholstered headboard, white bedding and wall art

(Image credit: Mylands)

6. Sculptural shapes

With such a neutral colour palette, this look leans on the textures and shapes in your bedroom to provide interest. From curvy extended headboards that cocoon your bed space, to scalloped-edge bedding and objets d’art with sculptured shapes like those seen in a high-end art gallery, it’s these details that will breath life into your boudoir and give it an opulent feel. 

Elegant bed with cream walls and chandelier

(Image credit: Next)

This look is the perfect blend of harmonious neutral and rich textures, perfect for creating a soothing bedroom to drift off in.

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