10 quiet luxury bedroom ideas – how to add the sophisticated trend to your boudoir

Create a sophisticated and relaxing space to recharge in

Textured pink plaster bedroom with black shutters and black wall lights
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If you haven’t already encountered the understated quiet luxury trend, it’s not going anywhere in 2024, and quiet luxury bedroom ideas are the perfect place to indulge in the trend's timeless simplicity and sophistication.

It’s the space that we retreat to at the end of a long day but sometimes our bedrooms can feel anything but relaxing, especially if there’s a clash of colours and patterns or clutter lying around. So, if you’re wondering how to make a bedroom look expensive on a budget, keep reading to discover ten of our favourite quiet luxury bedroom ideas, as well as several top tips from the experts.

Quiet luxury bedroom ideas

‘There are many ways you can begin to bring the quiet luxury look into your own home, particularly in your bedroom,’ says Farah Arshad, Head of Product at DUSK. ‘With subtlety being so crucial to this trend, you don’t need to rush out to buy and try everything. Instead, focus on a few core pieces that will transform your room’s ambience.’

1. Concentrate on curves

Textured pink plaster bedroom with black shutters and black wall lights

(Image credit: Future PLC/James French)

‘Curved furniture fosters a sense of comfort and warmth,’ reveals Homary’s Design Expert, Lauren Zeng. 

This is because ‘the organic shapes mimic the natural curves of the human body and nature, creating a more inviting and inclusive environment’ – making it one of those clever bedroom design tips for better sleep.

And Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval Furniture agrees. ‘Relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, soft curves will naturally extend your eyeline to create the look and feel of more space.’ But ‘curved furniture isn't just about aesthetics either. It also plays a crucial role in redefining spatial dynamics. In smaller spaces, curved furniture can create a sense of openness and flow, making the room appear larger than it actually is,’ Lauren affirms.

Whether you choose to add a curved bed frame, a large curved mirror or curved seating, there are plenty of options for introducing soft curves into your bedroom ideas.

2. Make a statement with an upholstered headboard

ILIV Alchemy Collection, Colourway Putty

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‘Whilst keeping things subtle is key, you still want a level of visual interest when it comes to creating a quiet luxury bedroom as to avoid a bland looking space,’ reveals Marie Goodwin, Head Designer at Prestigious Textiles. ‘One way to elevate your mostly neutral look is by making a statement with an upholstered headboard.’

You can either make a statement with the shape – perhaps leaning into the curved trend – or with a subtle but luxurious pattern. It is worth noting that ‘pattern work should remain minimal with traditional designs such as stripes, gingham or understated small scale florals being perfect options that will bring a feeling of timeless luxury to your room,’ Marie adds.

3. Layer textures throughout

Neutral bedroom with plastered walls and bed dressed in layers of textured bedding

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

We always approve of adding cosy textures to our bedrooms but quiet luxury is all about layering a number of different textures to add depth and interest. Think linen, silk, velvet and wool. And there’s one texture in particular that offers a real sense of luxury and calm with minimal effort; boucle.

The looped fabric has been on-trend for the past few years and ‘there’s no sign of this trend falling out of favour as we move into 2024 either, as it has a timeless appeal. These softer and more tactile pieces of furniture are really resonating with how we want our environment to make us feel,’ Lauren affirms

4. Install wall panelling

Wall Panels World Astragal Large MDF Wall Panel Moulding

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A quick and relatively easy way to completely transform the look of your bedroom and embrace the quiet luxury aesthetic is by introducing wall panelling. ‘Wall panelling takes inspiration from period properties as a subtle way to enhance a regular wall and provide timeless elegance,’ Sustainable Furniture’s Managing Director, Margaret Larson. Either panel all four walls or ‘create a visual focal point in your room by placing your bed directly against the wall panelling,’ on one wall.

This is also something that you could DIY – we’ve put together a handy step-by-step on how to panel a wall. Alternatively, there are also some effective wall panelling wallpapers which will save you some serious time and energy but look equally effective.

5. Shop vintage pieces

Bare plaster bedroom with black framed windows and shutters and a large vintage style chandelier

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Quiet luxury doesn’t need to be expensive. By shopping at second-hand stores, vintage markets and even charity shops, you can stumble across some hidden treasures which will add an expensive and chic look for a fraction of the price of buying brand new. 

Not only will your pieces be unique – whether that be larger items of furniture or accessories – but it is more sustainable and encourages buying items of quality that will have more longevity.

6. Opt for warm and neutral shades

Nkuku Deuli Linen Bed Quilt Rust

(Image credit: Nkuku)

A neutral colour palette is fundamental to the quiet luxury trend, with muted and neutral shades evoking a sense of cohesion and simplicity. ‘Harnessing the colours of mother nature will help to bring elements of wellness in your bedroom,’ Simon explains. 

‘Steer clear of anything artificial and look outside to see what happens through the seasons and bring it indoors,’ says Cathy Dean, Founder & CEO of Studio Dean. ‘Take your surrounding colours and muddy them, tone them down.’ So, instead of pink, choose clay. ‘Warmer paint tones feel welcoming, think stones and taupes rather than greys and whites,’ Cathy adds.

7. Mix wood tones

Painted bedroom with pink bedding, bedside table, and dark wood dressers

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According to the experts at Habitat, ‘mixing wood tones is an easy way to make homes feel relaxed and effortless, rather than overly-considered.’ This again leans into the natural materials and colours that this trend favours. 

For example, ‘high contrast pairings such as light pines with darker walnut hues radiate natural warmth and can make a real statement in interiors while remaining cohesive.’ So, if you’ve always thought that you needed to match all of the wood tones or finishes in your bedroom, quiet luxury turns this on its head.

8. Disguise tech and clutter distractions

Furniture and Choice Langham Bed - A Smart Home Bedroom

(Image credit: Furniture and Choice)

Even though our bedrooms are for relaxing and recharging, it can be difficult to keep electronic devices like televisions and a host of different charging cables and devices out of the space. ‘However, hacks such as concealing these devices in cabinets, behind decorative panels or even under storage beds are becoming increasingly popular to soften the appearance of a space,’ Farah remarks.

‘With smaller items that clutter your home, like chargers or letters, you may want to look for furnishings with integrated ports, wireless charging stations, or simple cubbies,’ to keep the space free of clutter.

9. Go all out with striking lighting

White bedroom with elongated grey headboard, modern wall lights and woven ceiling light

(Image credit: Future PLC/James French)

‘The right lighting is key when it comes to adding a touch of quiet luxury to your boudoir,’ outlines Rebecca Pagan, Commercial Director at Pagazzi Lighting. And while there are a number of bedroom lighting mistakes to avoid, a combination of softly diffused light encased in statement fixtures add both warmth and luxury to the space.

‘Consider sophisticated chandeliers to act as a statement piece, or contemporary pendant lights if modern styles are a better suit,’ for you, says Mary Buchanan, Creative Director and Board Director at Laura Ashley Lighting and Mirrors. This simple switch can take a couple of minutes to make but can instantly transform the space.

10. Keep the floor clear

bedroom wall decor ideas, white bedroom with paneling behind bed, pair of fans on wall, wall lights, rattan bed

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‘You should aim to leave the floor as clear as possible if you want to commit to the idea of quiet luxury decor,’ according to Jonathan Lee, Owner and Operational Director at The Cushion Guys. ‘By leaving a lot of empty space around your bed, you are quietly accentuating the floor space. This results in the area appearing more vast and open.’

Keeping under your bed free of clutter – or hiding it away out of sight in storage bins – will add to this open and airy feeling. 


Are there any rules to follow when it comes to quiet luxury?

‘Quiet Luxury is not how much you spend or how shiny it is, it is how it makes you feel,’ Cathy concludes. And most notably, ‘the main main rule with quiet luxury decor is to focus on the quality of your items and the materials you are incorporating,’ Margaret expresses.

As you decorate your bedroom, continue to ‘refer to the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ to ensure the decor you use is timeless and will easily withstand wear and tear. Not only is this visually attractive but it will actually save you money overtime as you won't have to replace pieces as often,’ Margaret reveals.

What are the easiest ways to add a touch of quiet luxury to your bedroom?

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the quiet luxury trend or don’t want to spend too much to transform your bedroom, focus on accessories and soft furnishings first. This can also be a great way to add more expensive finishes such as marble in small ways, such as with coasters, trinket trays or vases.

‘Things such as candles are also great for quiet luxury, with beautiful scents and designs which are in keeping with the theme,’ declares Wayne Spriggs, Founder and Lead Designer at Lusso.

Go on, add a touch of quiet luxury to your bedroom. 

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