10 small bedroom mirror ideas to add style and create the illusion of space

Open up your small bedroom with these beautiful mirror ideas to take your space to the next level

Pink dresser with grey bedroom
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Decorating bijou bedrooms is a fun process, but should be a considered one. Using small bedroom mirror ideas in the space is a great way to make it appear bigger than it really is. Plus, they're a charming decorative item to add personality and style to your bedroom. 

In small bedroom ideas, all decorative pieces have to work hard, to be practical as well as beautiful. On the practical side, you may have a mirror on a dressing table or chest of drawers for applying make-up; if there is room, you may have a full-length mirror to check your outfit, it may be free-standing, but in a small space, it’s more likely to be wall-mounted. It might be simple or ornate, depending on the look you want to achieve in your bedroom. There is certainly plenty of choices around to suit all room styles.

In a compact bedroom you may be restricted as to where you can place a mirror, as a lot of wall space will be taken up with the bed, wardrobes and other pieces of furniture, and of course any windows.  Above the bed may be the only place, so choose something purely decorative that complements your small bedroom decor ideas, or a statement piece that is a work of art in itself.

Small bedroom mirror ideas

Place your small bedroom mirror ideas either directly opposite or beside small bedroom lighting ideas and natural light sources as this allows maximum reflection back into the room. So no matter how gloomy it is outside, it will harness any available daylight. The bigger the mirror, the brighter, lighter and larger the space will feel.

If you live in an old house with a fireplace in the bedroom, a mirror above a mantel is the obvious place and it’s a good place to check your make-up and for reflecting natural light back into the room.

Narrow alcoves are great spots for long mirrors, and should mean you can stand back for an outfit check.

Consider the height at which your mirror should be hung, you don’t want it to be so high that you can’t see your face properly, so measuring before hanging is all important.

1. Make the best use of the available space

White bedroom with pink curtains and bed

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In small bedroom layouts, with windows, beds and wardrobes to take into consideration, there isn’t usually a lot of scope to put small bedroom mirror ideas, so think about putting one in a wardrobe. It could be a dressing table area or just decorative. 

In this room, a panel near the window has had mirror panes applied which reflects light back into the room and makes it look bigger.

2. Choose a mirror to enhance a decorating scheme

White bedroom with wooden furniture

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If your space is themed, you should be able to find small bedroom mirror ideas that will fits the bill. Choose from an ornate, gilt, rococo-style for a traditional look, rustic wood for a country feel or an Art Deco style for glamour. With a coastal theme like this one, a mirror has been made out of pieces of wood, designed to look like driftwood and painted white and adds just the right look.

‘Statement mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. From Italian gilt mirrors of golden acanthus leaves to 1970s Murano glass in the glossiest pinks, emeralds, and sapphires, vintage mirrors are true conversation starters.’ Says Owen Pacey Founder of Renaissance London. ‘They also serve the purpose of reflecting large portions of the room back at you, increasing space perception for a more generous feel.’

3. Consider mirror-door wardrobes

Pink bedroom with mirrored cupboard

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In a tight space, mirrored wardrobes could be just the answer you are looking for, offering two things in one - space-saving sliding door small bedroom storage wardrobes, which don’t intrude into the room and a wall of mirror to reflect light back into the space and for you to check your outfit.

‘Choosing a style of wardrobe door that incorporates small bedroom mirror ideas can help to make your space look bigger.’ Says Rachal Hutcheson, National Retail Manager at Sharps. ‘Mirrors have the power to create an illusion of space through their reflective nature, and make your room look bigger than it actually is.'

'Mirrored wardrobe doors also remove the need for separate freestanding mirrors, freeing up floor space and further make your room feel bigger.’

4. Use a mirror as a focal point

White bedroom with books and mirror

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Open shelving is great in any room and if it is bespoke, it can be made to house whatever you want to put in it. Whether the shelving here was designed to fit the mirror or it was a happy accident, it creates the perfect focal point in this small bedroom and reflects light from the window too.

5. Create a symmetrical look with matching mirrors

Blue headboard with mirrors in small bedroom

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Symmetry is an easy win in a small bedroom. The bed is the focal point, especially if it has an ornate headboard, then have bedside tables either side. Placing decorative small bedroom mirror ideas above them, behind table lamps creates an illusion of space and reflects natural light back into the room. 

Tall, slender mirrors next to the bed will also make the ceiling seem higher than it really is. Check out other small bedroom ideas here 

6. Offset a mirror for a better reflection

Pink dresser with grey bedroom

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Mirrors don’t always have to be above a chest of drawers or dressing table. If the reflection within the small bedroom mirror ideas isn’t pleasing, move the mirror further along the wall so that it reflects something that is. Antique mirrors offer style and elegance in a room, and look good teamed with vintage furniture.

7. Indulge yourself with a dressing table

Gold dressing table with mirrors

(Image credit: French Bedroom Company)

There is nothing quite like your own dressing table, it’s something we all dream of. You can often find dressing tables in antique shops, but there are plenty of new, smaller designs to choose from too. Carving out a space just for you in the bedroom is such a luxury, and if you have the space, make the most of it.

8. Go full length

Full length mirror in small bedroom

(Image credit: Melody Maison)

You don’t need a lot of wall space for standing small bedroom mirror ideas for checking your outfit before you go out in the morning. A narrow one like this one is just propped against the wall, so it’s great for renters and it also means you can take it with you when you move.

9. Above the bed

Wallpapered bedroom with mirror above bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

If there is no wall space anywhere else, place decorative small bedroom mirror ideas above the bed. It will reflect the light and add to your decorating scheme, and round mirrors are a pleasing shape in a bedroom. In a room with a low ceiling, make sure you measure properly, so that it fits perfectly in the space

10. No wall space?

White loft conversion with bed

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In a small bedroom with little wall space, designate an area with a vanity mirror on a console table, somewhere you can sit to do your make-up if necessary, then place a long mirror on the landing nearby or in a hallway.

Where should a mirror be placed in a small bedroom?

‘Hanging your mirror in a place that frames an adjoining room will create a flow between your spaces,' says Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin. ‘In terms of placement, think about what you want to reflect.'

'You can hang the mirror opposite a window to bring the outside in or place it by the door as a keyhole for what the next room has in store. When it comes to adding a sense of space to your bedroom, mirrors are a natural choice.’

How do you decorate a small bedroom with a mirror?

‘Opt for the largest mirror that you can, to cover as much of a wall as possible.’ Says Mary Buchanan, Creative Director of Laura Ashley Lighting and Mirrors. ‘Grand horizontal or vertical small bedroom mirror ideas will invite your eyes to perceive the bouncing reflections as increased volume, making the room look bigger.'

'Well placed table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights are also helpful tools for adding atmosphere and dimension into the space, so when co-ordinated with the right mirror, the two go hand in hand giving an impression of a larger space.'

Do mirrors make a small room look bigger?

‘Adding a mirrored fitted wardrobe is a great way to make your small bedroom feel twice the size.’ Says Andrew Briggs, Head of Creative and Interior Design, Spaceslide. ‘Pair with a light, neutral colour scheme and your bedroom will feel so spacious and airy, with all of your clothes and any clutter hidden away in the wardrobe.’

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