4 places you shouldn't place a mirror in a bedroom, and the 1 place you should

Feng shui experts reveal the do's and don'ts of mirror placement in a bedroom

Dressing table in a grey alcove with circular wall mirror, fur topped stool
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Feng shui experts reveal the do's and don'ts of where to put a mirror in a bedroom to ensure you bring about the best energy into your home.

When it comes to bedroom mirror ideas, there are plenty of fun and functional ways to decorate with and arrange mirrors to create interest in your home – even more so if you're experimenting with small bedroom mirror ideas to make a space appear bigger than it actually is.

While decorating is all to your personal preferences, there are some things to keep in mind before placing your mirrors just anywhere in your bedroom.

Dressing table in a grey alcove with circular wall mirror, fur topped stool

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Where to put a mirror in a bedroom – 5 expert-led tips

A mirror is more than a piece of wall decoration, it can affect the energy and feel of a space. This is especially important in a bedroom where its energy should be calm and controlled for peace and rest,' says architect and feng shui expert, Cliff Tan, who has partnered with Virgin Media O2 to educate broadband users on where the best place is to put their hub.

Zoë Vita James, a feng shui expert for Open Space Concepts adds: 'A mirror is a powerful thing, so be sure that it reflects what you want to be reflected.'

The last thing you want is to accidentally commit an interior styling trend that's bad feng shui, so it pays to be clued up on the best practices for mirrors in bedrooms.

Circle hanging mirror in bedroom above decorated black dresser

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1. Avoid placing a mirror opposite your bed

'When placing a mirror in a bedroom, the first golden rule is to not be able to see yourself in it when you’re lying in bed, otherwise, you may struggle to feel recharged and refreshed from sleep,' says Zoë Vita James at Open Space Concepts.

Anna Elkington, interior design expert and founder of Melody Maison adds that 'a reflection of oneself when sleeping can be disruptive and lead to a feeling of unease.'

A grey built-in wardrobe with mirror doors, and cupboards up to the ceiling, in a master bedroom

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2. Avoid placing mirrors opposite a doorway

'Mirrors are a popular choice for creating an open and spacious bedroom, therefore,  it is important to place your mirror in a position that attracts positive energy into your room,' says Melody Maison's Anna Elkington.

'Avoid placing mirrors across from a doorway as this can reflect the flow of chi (energy) and in turn, block the positive energy from entering the room.'

Circle hanging mirror above bed with white bedding and cushions

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3. Avoid the mirror reflecting clutter

'Mirrors are the perfect decor piece to encourage a positive feng shui as they reflect the flow of energy throughout a room. Bearing this in mind, make sure your mirror avoids reflecting clutter or mess as this can create negative energy within your bedroom and easily disrupt sleeping habits,' says Anna Elkington at Melody Maison.

 Zoë Vita James at Open Space Concepts adds: 'Check that the mirror is reflecting something of beauty, to enhance the overall energy of the room – you may need to do a good tidy or styling of the area reflected.' 

A bedroom with large cupboard doors open to show a dressing table within, woodwork painted pale grey with built in wall of cupboards and storage

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4. Avoid mirrors completely or keep them hidden

This one might seem a bit controversial, especially if you have a small bedroom and are in desperate need of the space-adding illusion one gives.

Feng shui expert Cliff Tan says: 'If you can, try to not have mirrors at all in your bedroom. A mirror will just add unnecessary movement and energy to a room and in a bedroom where you want minimal energy.'

However, since we know this isn't a possible feat for all, his alternative suggestion is to have mirrors where they are hidden, 'such as inside wardrobe doors so that they can be closed away when not in use.'

Light coloured bedroom with dark wood accents and colours

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5. Place a mirror near a window

Following on from the last point, if a mirror needs to be in an open space, Cliff Tan suggests 'placing the mirror close to the natural energy sources, such as close to windows where it’s usually bright anyway, so it feels more natural and can add more natural light to the room.'

Open Space Concepts' Zoë Vita James adds: 'Placing a mirror to reflect a window with a beautiful view outside can be a great way to bounce light and life-enhancing energy around a bedroom.'

Hanging oval mirror on wall above beige coloured bedside table and bed with decorative cushions

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If you have a fixed mirror and don't have the luxury and freedom to move it around (or perhaps you just simply don't want to) but want to stay in the good books of feng shui, Helen Lickerish, feng shui expert at Open Space Concepts, recommends to 'either hang a cloth over it when not using it (just at night when facing the bed) or position a screen in front of it – which can look great and remain practical.'

White bedroom with books and mirror

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Although it seems like a hefty list of things to remember, it also is just quite intuitive advice. Don't be afraid to have a play with where you think a mirror would best fit in your bedroom with these tips lightly in mind – 9 times out of 10, you'll know for yourself when the placement feels right for your space.

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