5 dressing rooms with country style

Dreaming of a dedicated dressing area? These beautiful images are sure to inspire...

With the average woman in the UK owning 21 pairs of shoes and 17 bags at any one time, it's no surprise that a dressing room is high on most people's wish lists! A whole room dedicated to clothing overspill is a luxury, so if you don't have the space, the same boutique feel can be achieved in even the most bijoux of places with some space-saving tricks and a bit of creative thinking!

shoe pic dressing room

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1.Perfect positioning

Shoes are fabulous in themselves, so don't hide them away; display your favourite pairs neatly on open-front shelving. Mounted white frames are a great way of keeping colourful belts, scarves and necklaces looking neat - and double up as original wall features, too!


dressing room wardrobe

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2. Cupboard love

Give a large wardrobe a bespoke feel with a few creative touches; chalkboard labels and homemade tags, as well as padded hangers and decorative boxes all make for practical yet pretty organisation solutions. A dressed mannequin and oversized mirror are quick and easy ways to bring that high-end feel into a dressing area and essential for keeping precious outfits in shape and seeing what you look like with them on!

dressing room with bathtub

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3.Luxurious look

A classic roll-top bath takes centre stage in this glamorous dressing room – something to aspire to! Bespoke shelving and breathable storage boxes house accessories and last season's favourites, while a floral print screen creates privacy for changing.

room with wooden flooring and cloth rack

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4.Racked up

A country-inspired feature wall provides the perfect backdrop for this chic clothes rack; a handy way of getting your outfit ready for the next day and letting it air overnight, while contributing towards that sought-after boudoir look. Place a seat with a cosy throw nearby so you can slip shoes on and off in comfort.

dressing room with round wooden table and armchair

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5. Dainty display

Assorted antique furniture and plush textiles give an opulent feel to a dressing room. Choose small table lamps for feel-good lighting and display your favourite perfumes, jewellery and photographs on a traditional dressing table, complete with vintage tri-fold mirror ­– how very Downton Abbey!