Best chair beds 2021: the best single sofa beds and futons

A simple and space-saving solution for overnight guests
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  • Looking for the best chair beds? If space is tight, then a single sofa bed or futon for one makes a great solution for putting up the occasional overnight guest, and the best designs will also double up as a stylish accent chair the rest of the time.

    Just like the best sofa beds, chair beds come in two main designs; pull-out models where a traditional mattress is pulled out from under the chair’s seat cushions to form the sleeping surface, and click-clack models where the backrest and chair seat fold down into a flat surface that becomes the sleeping area.

    What type of chair bed is the most comfortable?

    Generally speaking, pull-out chair beds tend to be the most comfortable options for both sitting and sleeping as they usually have traditional sprung seating for daytime lounging and then a dedicated mattress for sleeping. Because the mattress rests on a platform that lifts out of the sofa base, once extended a pull-out chair bed is similar to the height of a standard bed. There are often more upholstery choices available with a pull-out chair bed as well, although this can mean there’s a lead-time whilst your chair bed is made, and generally pull-out options are the most expensive.

    A click-clack or futon sofa bed is generally a firmer experience all around. The seat and backrest of the sofa (which once unfolded become the sleeping surface) tend to be made of solid foam which makes for a lot less give than a pull-out model, and the sleeping surface is usually very low to the ground. On the plus side, a futon tends to be much more affordable and its footprint can be smaller once extended than a pull-out model – very useful if you’re the owner of a small living room! Designs are often more modern, and a click-clack chair bed can generally be bought off-the-shelf, so there’s less chance of a long wait.

    The best chair beds or single futons

    The best chair bed for your home is likely to depend on your budget, whether you want to use it to sit on every day or just as an occasional chair, and who is going to be sleeping on it.

    As additional sleeping space in a kids bedroom, or an occasional extra bed in a guest room or home office, then a budget fold-out futon or modern click-clack chair bed is likely to suit your needs fine. Whereas if you have adult guests staying for longer chunks of time in one go, or you want to use the chair as everyday seating in a living room, then it may be worth making a bigger investment in a pull-out model.

    We’ve rounded up the Ideal Home team’s top picks in both varieties below – as well as a range of styles, from classic to modern –  to give you some food for thought.

    Black Friday chair bed deals

    Of course, we all want to find furniture at the best prices possible, and with Black Friday just around the corner  – this year on Friday 26th November 2021 – it can mean some great deals on chair beds. You’ll find our guide to all the best buys on the Ideal Home Black Friday deals hub, but for the best prices on sofa beds make sure to visit our Black Friday sofa sales page. We’ll be updating that, as well as our Black Friday furniture deals page in the run-up to the event to bring you all the best Black Friday furniture sales as they’re unveiled, so watch this space!

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