Experts reveal the mistake you're making that's costing you a good night's sleep

Getting well-deserved rest is important, so you should make sure you're doing it right

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As we progress into the winter months, staying warm and cosy is a must, and there's nothing that quite beats the feeling of snuggling up into your best duvet after a long day. But what if we told you that your choice of duvet might also be the very thing that's costing you a good night's sleep?

It's been the tried and tested method for a long time now to simply match your duvet size to your mattress size. Buy a single duvet for a single bed, and buy a double duvet for a double bed. Sounds easy enough, right?

However, sleep studies in the UK have reported that 36% of adults struggle to fall asleep at least once a week, which is a fair amount considering how much rest should be prioritised for those living active, working lifestyles. Experts reveal the mistake many have been making that's shedding you precious restful hours – not sizing up your duvet.

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Sleep experts say your duvet should be one size bigger than your mattress

This little trick might seem more catered towards those who co-sleep and struggle with their partner always hogging the duvet – in this case, choosing to size up your duvet seems like a no-brainer. However, even if you sleep alone, there's still plenty of reason to size up.

'Some opt for a larger duvet as they like the feeling of having more duvet to snuggle into as you sleep,' notes Emily Atwood, Founder, scooms. 'This is particularly great if you're saving on energy costs by keeping the heating low in your bedroom.' You could even improve warmth and cosiness by pairing your larger duvet with your best electric blanket to stave away the night-time chills.

Whether you sleep alone or share a bed with a partner, sizing up your duvet is a great way to ensure a restful night for all bedroom occupants. 'Having a duvet that covers the people sleeping in the bed (and a little extra room either side) allows for heat to stay trapped in the space for longer, as there's little to no gaps around the edges,' says Alison Jones, sleep expert at Sealy.

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Why duvets are important for sleep quality

If you're taking the time to ensure you pick the best mattress, then choosing the right duvet is also extremely important for sleep quality. Alison Jones at Sealy advises that 'thickness, material, filling and allergies are just some of the things to consider – as duvets should be tailored to your specific needs as opposed to taking a 'one size fits all' approach.'

If you do share a bed then your choice of duvet should be a top consideration. Hannah Shore, sleep knowledge and research manager at Silentnight claims that one of the biggest causes of poor sleep quality is partner disturbance.

'Just one night of bad sleep can lead to you feeling unrefreshed, a decrease in mood, concentration levels and reaction time. Therefore, ensuring you have the right shared sleeping environment will improve your sleep and how you feel the next day.'

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This expert trick of sizing up your duvet works a treat for helping you solve the issues you might have been having with co-sleeping so you can sleep better, or perhaps you really do just want the extra duvet surface area to snuggle up in (we don't blame you).

If you're planning to size up your duvet then that means you might need new bedding too, and what is the winter season if not an excuse to make some bedroom upgrades? It's worth checking out the Black Friday bedding deals to bag yourself a bargain as they're just around the corner. 

So are you planning to size up your duvet this winter - or have you already done so?

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