8 thoughtful guest basket ideas to make your Christmas gathering unforgettable

Unique and considerate gifts for an elevated and memorable stay

Box filled with festive treats and goodies
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Being stocked up on a plethora of guest basket ideas for guest rooms is an important bout of knowledge to have up your sleeve, especially if you're planning on going all out when hosting your friends and family in the run-up to Christmas.

Wintertime is easily the best time to spruce up your guest bedroom ideas in preparation for welcoming loved ones to stay at your humble abode – and nothing says 'welcome' better than a guest basket filled with goodies for your guests to enjoy and indulge in throughout their stay.

On top of the many guest bedroom mistakes to avoid surrounding design and cosy furnishings, one of the biggest (and simplest) things we often miss out on is putting together even just a small basket of welcome goodies.

So, we've rounded up some of our favourite guest basket ideas to consider to ensure you give your friends and family a luxurious stay they won't forget this holiday season.

Gift box filled with scented candles and gifts

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Guest basket ideas

'Curating guest hampers for visitors is a gesture that easily elevates their experience and shows genuine hospitality, and can be done for any occasion,' begins Amy Greenshields, celebration and gifting expert at cardfactory.

'The key to celebration is to create special moments at every point of the journey, so ensure the hamper is left in their room in an obvious spot, awaiting their arrival.'

Amy continues, 'The best way to demonstrate thought and care is to select a theme. Items that reflect the celebration's theme or the guest's interests, such as artisanal treats, personalised gifts, scented candles, or local delicacies will really make your guest feel special.'

Box filled with festive treats and goodies

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1. Pamper hamper

'Ensuring that guests feel completely at home during their visit is the key to good hosting,' starts Lydia Lloyd, homeware textile designer and insider at M&S Home. 'It's about more than just offering the basics, it's about anticipating their needs and demonstrating your thought process.'

'Hand lotions, body lotions, and soap sets are my go-to gifts when it comes to welcome baskets, ensuring visitors have everything they need during their stay and can indulge in some pampering,' suggests Tricia Guild OBE, founder and creative director at Designers Guild.

'You can also include some items you already have at home such as fresh towels, facecloths, and fruit. All of which signal a relaxing and comfortable environment from the moment they arrive.'

2. Hotel-style minis

Following from the above pamper hamper, it could be worth including other mini versions of essential items on top of the luxury bath products you want to gift.

'Rooms stocked with mini versions of essential items can be a lifesaver for those who may have forgotten them during the packing process, which is a common mistake to make,' says Rachael Kiss at Alliance Online, which supplies goods to hotels. 

'Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, and moisturiser can save the guest a huge hassle.' On top of this, you can consider toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other everyday essentials.

3. Soothing sleep essentials

'It can be hard to get to sleep in a different bed, and you'll want your guests well-rested ready for festive fun,' says Martin Seeley, sleep and home interior expert at MattressNextDay

'So, if you can, invest in some lavender-scented sleep essentials for their basket or bedside table. A lavender pillow spray can be spritzed onto their sheets to help them drift off or add some lavender or chamomile tea bags to their basket for a before-bed soothing drink.'

All these will help your guests sleep better, creating a home away from home.

Sarah Ross, co-founder of luxury home decor brand, Addison Ross adds, 'I also like to include fluffy flannels and slippers. I collect hotel slippers from my travels so my guests can receive the hotel treatment.'

4. Scented candles

'To make your guests' visit feel extra festive, perhaps some classic Christmas scents could be the answer to your home transformation prayers, such as undertones of cinnamon and freshly cut pine,' suggests Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at luxury homeware brand, Madison & Mayfair.

5. Tea and coffee

Is there anything more quintessentially British than offering your guests tea and coffee? Not just in the kitchen, but by perhaps providing sachets as part of your guest basket as well as supplying the guest room with the best kettle.

'Supplying teabags, coffee sachets, and milk pots are all easy ways to prioritise your guests' needs,' assures Rachael. 'They tend to be relatively cheap when bought in bulk so it is definitely worth the investment to increase guest satisfaction.'

6. Local flavours

'If this is the first time your guest has visited your home or city, leave a hamper with items that represent your home and the surrounding area,' suggests Amy.

Scott Eyton, gifting expert at personalised gifting company, Getting Personal continues, 'For the foodies in your life, create a festive hamper full of tasty treats, savoury snacks or even some delectable drinks and why not include some glassware to enjoy them from.'

'For maximum impact, consider leaving a personalised card, boosting the sentiment with a warm welcome and heartfelt message,' adds Amy.

Gift box filled with festive treats and snacks

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7. Kid-friendly options

'Guest baskets are a lovely welcoming gesture for anyone staying at your home, especially over the festive period,' says Scott. 'Personalised gifts can make them seem even more thoughtful.'

'Sharing the gifts in a personalised box means the presentation doubles up as a part of the gift that can be reused for years to come. For kids, you could include a personalised soft toy or game along with a sweet treat of course.'

8. Fresh flowers

'Fresh flowers really make a guest feel special: the fact that they must have been recently picked or bought to be fresh for their arrival suggests a level of thoughtfulness that can make a guest feel instantly welcome – not to mention they look and smell rather lovely too,' says Georgia Metcalfe, founder of French Bedrooms.

Given fresh flowers' effect on wellbeing, it only makes sense that you would want to allow your guests to feel the same way.

'It needn't be lavish either, a posy of picked flowers on a bedside table is enough to brighten anyone's day.'

Flowers displayed in basket

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Georgia concludes, 'The ultimate wish for a host is for guests to feel just as welcome and comfortable in your home as they do theirs.'

All in all, the best guest basket ideas for guest rooms are whatever you know will make for a meaningful gift to your loved ones. After all, there is nobody who knows your guests better than you do.

And rest assured, you don't have to spend a fortune either.

Happy hosting!

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