What is the coolest mattress to invest in? We asked the experts how to beat the heat

If you're after a more breathable sleep, then this is the type of mattress you'll want on your radar

A contemporary bedroom with a marble bedside table and bed dressed in white bedding
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It might be summer that's causing you to reassess your sleeping set-up, or perhaps you're warm-blooded and prone to overheating in bed even when the mercury isn't soaring.

Either way, if you're wondering what is the coolest mattress to invest in, then we're here to help.

We all have different sleep styles and sleep problems, which is why the best mattress for one person may not necessarily suit another.

However, if your personal quandary regarding how to sleep better revolves around getting too hot and sticky in bed, read on.

What is the coolest mattress to invest in?

A recent study conducted by Woolroom with Mortar Research discovered that one in five sleepers in the UK pinpointed fluctuations in temperature as a key cause of disrupted sleep.

Nailing the ideal bedroom temperature and working out how to keep a bedroom cool in the summer can help, but they're not the only factors at play.

A contemporary bedroom with a marble bedside table and bed dressed in white bedding

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

The bedding you sleep under has a major impact on how cool you sleep at night – that's why opting for the best duvet and best pillow for your sleep style is so important – as is carefully choosing the sort of mattress you sleep on.

But what is the coolest type of mattress to invest in? We asked a roster of mattress experts for their advice.

'The coolest type of mattress is one that is naturally temperature regulating as this ensures a comfortable sleeping environment year-round' says Chris Tattersall, sleep expert at Woolroom.

'Wool mattresses excel in this regard', Chris goes on to explain, saying that this is because 'wool is renowned for its exceptional breathability and moisture management properties'.

'Unlike synthetic materials such as memory foam and polyester, wool can absorb significant amounts of moisture without feeling damp. This natural temperature regulation keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter, making wool mattresses an ideal choice for those seeking a consistently comfortable and cool night’s sleep'.

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'The quality of the fillings in a mattress are crucial to your comfort as they not only help to create support, they also manage temperature and moisture as you sleep,' agrees Amanda Castle of British mattress manufacturer Hypnos Beds.

She agrees that natural fibres are the key to a cooler mattress, and is a further advocate for wool's attributes. 'Mattresses made from natural and sustainable fibres, such as wool, make some of the best mattresses as this type of filling is breathable, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all year round'.

Amanda also warns that 'cheaper mattresses tend to use synthetic foams, gels and lighter fillings, meaning that they are generally quite warm and can make you hot and clammy in the night, leading to a poor quality of sleep'.

Adam Black, Co-Founder of Button & Sprung says the same. 'Cooling mattresses, commonly made with gels or synthetic materials, have become a bit of a trend but the reality is that you need a mattress which keeps your body at a comfortable temperature, one that can warm you when you feel cold and cool you when the nights are warmer.

'Synthetic materials will either heat or cool you, they can’t do both', he continues. 'A mattress constructed of pocket springs with natural materials such as wool will respond and react to your body temperature'.

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But, what if, like many of us, you love the feel of cushioning memory foam and want to opt for a synthetic mattress? Or your budget can't stretch to a natural fill?

Laurie Goldsmith and the product development team at Rem-fit advise opting for a hybrid mattress if you choose synthetic, and looking out for options that use open-cell memory foam.

'Open-cell foam is 30 times more breathable compared with standard memory foam which promotes better airflow and heat dissipation by allowing air to move more freely through the material,' explains Laurie. 'This structure prevents heat from being trapped, ensuring you stay cool throughout the night'.

If you opt for a hybrid mattress with a spring system then as Laurie continues, this also 'increases breathability by creating space within the mattress for air to circulate. The springs also provide robust support, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience'.

Fabio Perrotta, Director of Buying at Dreams agrees. 'A good cooling mattress blends breathable cover fabrics, advanced comfort layers (such as gel-infused or open-cell foams), and supportive structures that encourage airflow, like innerspring coils or hybrid designs. Adding cooling technologies such as phase-change materials and infusions of copper or graphite takes temperature regulation to the next level'.

Breathability is one of the key criteria in how we test mattresses at Ideal Home, and our findings agree with everything the experts have said. Our top-rated mattresses for a cooler sleep are below.

If your budget won't stretch to a whole new mattress right now, then one of the best cooling mattress toppers could also help you to sleep cooler.

And, if our experts almost unanimous vote for wool bedding has convinced you to swap your synthetic duvet out for something more natural, you'll find plenty of options in our guide to where to buy bedding.

Hopefully this way you'll soon be drifting off to sleep in a breathable, temperature-regulated haven of coolness.

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