Best garden benches 2022: wood, metal and storage benches

The best garden benches can make a world of difference in any outdoor space
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  • Looking for the best garden benches? From the classic wooden garden bench to decorative metal outdoor seats and useful storage benches; we’ve rounded up our top picks of 2022. 

    Whatever the size of your garden, having somewhere to sit and enjoy it is at the top of most of our wishlists. And finding the best garden bench for your outdoor space will give you year-round enjoyment of the garden. You can take your coffee outdoors for some early morning fresh air, read the paper in peace or admire your favourite view.

    As is the case with most garden furniture, this year garden benches are flying out of stores fast! So we’ve rounded up the best options that are available now, those with the shortest lead-times, and some that we think are worth the wait.

    Looking to furnish your outdoor space fully? Make sure to check out our guide to the best garden furniture, otherwise, read on to find the best garden bench for your outside space.

    Top tips for finding the best garden bench

    Wooden garden benches are a classic choice for a reason. Look for options crafted from teak or a hardwood that will stand up to the elements. These robust woods are naturally high in oil content, which gives them good weather-resistance and makes for strong and durable outdoor furniture. You can let teak wood weather to a mellow silvery-grey tone, or seal with a wood preservative to extend its lifespan.

    Metal garden benches are often decorative and can add a sculptural quality to the garden. As long as they’re powder-coated or galvanised they will also stand up well to the elements, and don’t require regular upkeep as a wooden bench can. Just bear in mind that a metal garden bench will get very hot in the sun, and very cold to the touch in winter, so you’re likely to want some outdoor cushions to make this one comfortable.

    A rattan garden bench or sofa seat will make for a pretty summer addition to the garden. Rattan isn’t generally as weather-resistant as wood or metal though, so you’ll need somewhere dry to store it over winter, and to make sure you put it under cover during inclement weather.

    A garden storage bench seat is a great multifunctional option for a smaller garden as it offers space to hide away gardening tools and equipment, whilst also delivering useful seating. For more tips on styling a compact outdoor space make sure to visit our small garden ideas.

    The best garden benches

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