Best outdoor cushions: 10 buys for an easy style upgrade

The best outdoor cushions to add style to your garden space. We’ve picked the best patterned, practical and eco-friendy buys...
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  • Our list of the best outdoor cushions can help you upgrade your outdoor furniture, adding instant style to any garden. Whether it be a terrace, patio, balcony or landscaped garden, decorating with cushions for the outdoors is an easy way to transform your space. And all for a small price, too. You might be looking to touch up tired garden furniture, impress guests with an outside entertaining area or simply inject some colour into your existing garden set-up. Either way, these decorative cushions will be sure to spruce up your outdoor seating. And they’ll add comfort at the same time.

    From patterned scatter cushions to practical seat pads for dining chairs, benches and sun loungers, there’s an outdoor cushion for every seating arrangement. In an array of colours and prints to suit your taste, too. We’ve even selected cushions made from weather-resistant fabrics and we’ve also listed eco-friendly options. Now’s your chance to create a coveted outdoor living room with decorative cushions to sit back and relax in. Soak up the sun, dine with family or lounge with friends on stylish seats that won’t compromise on comfort. 

    If your current garden seating is looking a bit drab, you might want to invest in one of the best garden furniture pieces, as chosen by our experts. Otherwise, don’t miss our roundup of 10 outdoor cushions to spruce your outdoor space on a budget this summer.

    The best outdoor cushions

    1. Furn. Honolulu Outdoor Cushion Pink

    Best overall outdoor cushion 

    Furn. Honolulu Outdoor Cushion Pink cut out

    Dimensions: 43 x 43cm
    Filling included: Optional
    Washable: Spot clean only
    Colours available: 1
    Made from: 100% Polyester
    Water resistant: Yes

    This pretty in pink tropical-inspired Honolulu outdoor cushion enhances the outdoors with a fun botanical print. With a great selection of leaf-inspired patterns, Furn. offer a further range of options from their extensive outdoor cushion collection to do just that. Not to mention their designs and prints are made exclusively in the UK. 

    Made using water-resistant polyester, this outdoor cushion can withstand showers and accidental spills. It’s UV resistant too. With the option to include a cushion insert, you can use the current one you have or buy a new one. And if you like them enough, you can even purchase a twin pack to double up on Hawaiian inspired decor.

    Buy now: Honolulu Outdoor Cushion Pink, £11, Furn.

    2. La Redoute Outdoor/Indoor Geometric Woven Cushion

    Best indoor/outdoor cushion 

    La Redoute Outdoor/Indoor Geometric Woven Cushion cut out

    Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Yes
    Colours available: 7
    Made from: 100% Recycled Plastic bottles
    Water resistant: No

    Not just hitting the geometric trend, this stylish cushion also beats the rest for best outdoor/indoor use. Great to decorate both living room sofas and garden furniture, this cushion is great for all seasons. Simply keep it outside during the summer months and bring it indoors during the winter. 

    This outdoor cushion is practical but also planet-friendly. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles, making it recyclable at its end of life, La Redoute focuses on this cushion as ‘designed to fit your life’. It’s even ideal for allergy sufferers as it’s resistant to dust mites. It may be a little more expensive, but the insert is included. Available in seven different colours, with blankets to match, is there a cushion more fit for every day?

    Buy now: Outdoor/Indoor Geometric Woven Cushion, £35, La Redoute

    3. Ferm Living Way Outdoor Cushion

    Best sustainable outdoor cushion 

    Ferm Living Way Outdoor Cushion cut out

    Dimensions: 50 x 70cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Yes
    Colours available: 1
    Made from: Cover: 100% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles
    Water resistant: No

    The Way outdoor cushion not only looks good but does good for the environment too. With each cushion made from post-consumer plastic, recycled into soft PET yarn, it’s our best sustainable choice. In fact, each cushion repurposes 55 plastic bottles, keeping waste out of landfills and avoiding damaging further extraction of raw materials.   

    The recycled polyester is crafted by artisans, giving this cushion a beautiful hand-woven design. It features an easy to accessorise checkered pattern, asymmetric fringes and tactile texture. The inner is included and the range further includes matching recycled outdoor rugs for sustainable outdoor decor options. 

    Buy now: Way Outdoor Cushion, £95, Nordic Nest

    4. Habitat Scatter Outdoor Cushions, 2 pack

    Best affordable outdoor cushion 

    Habitat scatter outdoor cushions, 2 pack cut out

    Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Yes
    Colours available: 3
    Made from: 100% Cotton
    Water resistant: Yes

    This two pack of outdoor scatter cushions, filled with plump recycled polyester, is a fantastic option if you’re on a budget. Many consider it to be the best value for money cushion, meaning you and your eco-conscience can chill without overspending. 

    Available in four bright colours, with contrasting trim they’ll add cheer to an otherwise bare garden space. With reviews complimenting how great these vibrant cushions look outside, there’s no doubt they’re the perfect statement piece to add to your outdoor space. 

    Buy now: Habitat Scatter Outdoor Cushions 2 pack, £8, Argos

    5. Matalan 2 pack Black and Cream Set Pads

    Best neutral outdoor cushions 

    Matalan 2 pack, black and cream seat pads cut out

    Dimensions: Information not available
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: No
    Colours available: 6
    Made from: 100% Polyester
    Water resistant: No

    If a bright colour doesn’t suit your desired outdoor living room look, then black and cream seat pads from Matalan are the best natural alternative. Whilst there are lots of colourways to choose from in this range, the reversible design offers a great classic style for sophisticated outdoor settings. 

    Crafted with fluffy polyester filling, these outdoor cushions are great to add extra comfort to your seat or chair. They’ll slot seamlessly into your interior and easily fasten to your chair with fabric ties. 

    Buy now: 2 pack Black and Cream Seat Pads, £14, Matalan

    6. Dunelm Classic Stripe Lily Pad Cushion

    Best striped cushion 

    Dunelm Classic Stripe Lily Pad Cushion

    Dimensions: 30 x 50cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Yes
    Colours available: 2
    Made from: 100% Polyester
    Water resistant: Yes

    Ideal for a garden bench or armchair, this stylish striped outdoor cushion, in a rectangle shape would add comfort to your seating arrangements. Best of all, it boasts a bold lilypad design for a simple, yet timeless addition to chic garden dining. 

    It is water-resistant, but for the accidental drink spill, a zip fastening means the inner is easily removable to be washed. A perk not applicable to other outdoor cushions on this list. 

    Buy now: Classic Stripe Lily Pad Cushion, £8, Dunelm

    7. B&Q GoodHome Isla Striped Blue Sunlounger Cushion

    Best sunlounger cushion

    B&Q GoodHome Isla Striped Blue Sunlounger cushion cut out

    Dimensions: 190 x 55cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Yes
    Colours available: 2
    Made from: Polyspun
    Water resistant: Yes

    Compatible with the majority of garden sun loungers, this best sun lounger cushion works to increase comfort and inject freshness into your outside relaxation spot. The blue stripe pattern brings a nautic look to your lounger and the drawcord and elastic back-strap secures extra padding. 

    Continuing the marine theme, its waterproof fabric with UV resistance ensures it can withstand the elements. And if there does happen to be overspill, remove the cover and machine wash to keep it looking its best. 

    Buy now: GoodHome Isla Striped Blue Sunlounger Cushion, £35, B&Q

    8. John Lewis & Partners Leaf Square Showerproof Outdoor Cushion

    Best print outdoor cushion 

    John Lewis Square Showerproof Outdoor Cushion, green cut out

    Dimensions: 50 x 50cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Spot clean only
    Colours available: 1
    Made from: 100% Cotton
    Water resistant: Yes

    Great to coordinate with the outdoors, this beautiful cushion features a delicate watercolour-effect leaf print perfect for a peaceful garden setting. It’s our best print outdoor cushion for this reason! Customers agree, complimenting its unique design for fitting with any outdoor furniture. 

    It’s slightly bigger than other outdoor cushions, standing out in size at an affordable cost. Though many seem to have purchased two of these cushions – perhaps a two pack would have been better. 

    Buy now: Leaf Square Showerproof Outdoor Cushion, £20, John Lewis & Partners

    9. M&S Straw Outdoor Cushion

    Best textured outdoor cushion 

    M&S Straw Outdoor cushion cut out

    Dimensions: 45 x 45cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: No
    Colours available: 1
    Made from: 54% polyethylene, 46% polyester
    Water resistant: Yes

    With many textured cushions unsuitable for outdoor use, this stylish straw cushion has the added benefit of being water-resistant, making it the best textured cushion on our list. Though try not to spill or stain as it’s not washable. 

    Nonetheless, if the natural look is what you’re after, it seems many who have already bought it approve of its sleek neutral design. This contemporary straw cushion will bring a rustic look to your garden furniture. 

     Buy now: Straw Outdoor Cushion, £19.50, M&S

    10. Delanya Indoor/Outdoor Floral Scatter Cushion with filling (set of 2)

    Best stylish outdoor cushion 

    Delanya Indoor / Outdoor Floral Scatter Cushion with filling (set of 2)

    Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm
    Filling included: Yes
    Washable: Yes
    Colours available: 1
    Made from: 100% Polyester
    Water resistant: Yes

    Add summer style to your garden, no matter the weather with this abstract floral outdoor cushion. Featuring a fun, contemporary print in pastel pinks and greens, it has enough detail to freshen up any space without overpowering a smaller patio or balcony. 

    Style an outdoor bench or two dining chairs since this comes in a handy two pack, with the inner included. At a great price, this is a super affordable way to add style outside. 

    Buy now: Delanya Indoor/Outdoor Floral Scatter Cushion with filling (set of 2), £35.99, Wayfair


    Browse more outdoor cushions…

    If you’re yet to find the best cushion for your garden, from our list above, then browse the best brands for outdoor cushions to find everything they have to offer:

    How to choose outdoor cushions 


    British weather is unpredictable, and whilst packing our outdoor furniture with soft furnishings has a cosy appeal, there’s always the risk of rain damage. The best cushions for outdoor use are those that are weather resistant. This way it won’t matter if they’re accidentally left outside overnight or get caught in light showers. Generally speaking, outdoor cushions should be therefore waterproof and UV resistant, made from durable materials that can withstand weather conditions. Ensuring your cushion is UV-resistant will particularly prevent colours from fading in the summer sun. Nonetheless, it is important to check the care instructions as to whether garden cushions are hard-wearing enough for prolonged outdoor use. 


    When selecting your style choice, you should choose colours that echo the aesthetic of your inside living space. This will create an outdoor setting that feels like a natural extension of your house. Outdoor cushions tend to be louder and brighter than indoor soft furnishing, bringing contrast and colour to the natural outside. So mix and match, with patterns and prints for a stylish alfresco area. 

    How to store outdoor cushions 

    Leaving your outdoor cushions outside during mild weather is okay. But otherwise, it’s best to store them in a cool, dry place, when not in use. Especially, avoid leaving your outdoor seat pads all year round to prevent a build-up of mould and mildew. 

    Therefore, proper storage is an important part of preserving patio cushions. Mainly, it’s best to store your cushions in a shed or summer house. Though if you don’t have one, and taking them inside after every use seems a little impractical, then look to other storage solutions. Don’t take your chances when the weather turns, instead take care of your cushions with simple storage ideas. 

    For example, use an outdoor deck or bench box to keep them from collecting debris. Large deck boxes are also useful for storing other garden supplies like tools and equipment, whilst providing extra seating. Outdoor furniture covers are also great to protect your garden cushions from grime and dirt. They’re particularly good for covering cushions together with outdoor furniture when bringing the entire patio set inside isn’t feasible. 

    Shop for garden storage buys just below.

    How we chose these outdoor cushions 

    We’ve rounded-up this best outdoor cushions buying guide based on reviews and our top picks. Evaluated for style, price and practicality, we believe these outdoor cushions will be the best add-on to your garden space this year. From best neutral to best patterned, to the most practical for indoor/outdoor use, many love these cushions for their design and suitability. In terms of affordability, we’ve compared them based on whether the cushion itself is included in the cost; some options feature the cushion cover only, with the insert needing to be bought separately. If this is the case, we’ve taken into consideration an overall increase to the price. 

    Whilst we haven’t tested all of these cushions, our Decor Editor Amy Lockwood has tried out our best overall. 

    “It’s well-padded, available in a great selection of vibrant colours, and due to the slightly waxy waterproof coating on the fabric, rain and moisture rolls straight off. They only do one size and it is more of a scatter cushion. Ideally, I’d prefer it to be a little larger.”

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