How to get rid of dog smells in the house

Rid your home of dog smells this spring
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  • With the arrival of spring on our doorstep, thoughts turn to giving our homes the first spring clean of the year, and for many dog owners, that also means getting rid of any harbouring doggy smells from our furry, four-legged friends.

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    With 9.9 million pet dog filled homes across the country, it’s fair to say we’re a nation of dog lovers, but not the whiffy smells they can sometimes bring into your home.

    Handily, TastyBone, the dog chew specialists have created this simple guide to getting rid of unwanted smells.

    How to get rid of dog smells in the house

    1. Clean your dog’s bed regularly

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    Our pooches love their beds and while it’s important they maintain a familiar scent so they feel safe and cosy, giving their bed a vacuum once a week, and a wash every two weeks, will help keep unwanted smells under control.

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    2. Keep floors sparkling clean


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    Be sure to sweep hard floors daily and wash them with a strong, pet-friendly cleaning solution and hot water on a regular basis, helping to combat odours and clean mucky paw prints.

    Dog smells can also easily linger in carpet and rug fibres so vacuuming twice a week and steam cleaning once a month, will help bust dust, hair and unwanted odours.

    3. Let the air in

    Keeping internal doors open in your home so air can circulate, and opening up windows when the weather is warmer, will allow smells to disperse quicker and instead leave you with a fresh smelling home.

    4. Cover up snoozing spots

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    Use blankets and throws on sofas and armchairs or anywhere else your furry friend might like to sit to protect fabrics and make it easier to keep on top of odours.

    Wash them weekly and even pop a dryer sheet inside cushions and pillows to maintain the freshness.

    5. Fill your home with fragrance


    Image credit: Georgia Burns

    Scented candles and reed diffusers and both great ways to fill your home with pleasant fragrances, to mask any whiffy smells.

    Best placed in corridors, bathrooms and living rooms, be careful to keep them well out of reach from your prized pet and keep a close eye on them while the candle is lit.

    6. Give your buddy a bath

    Before giving your dog a wash, its important to ensure you’re clued up on their breed, as some require specialist grooming and the nature of some coats will need more regular washing.

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    If you’re unsure, check with your vet, but generally an occasional bath will help with stinky smells and leave them with that ‘just washed’ glow.

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