Is this the most amazing LEGO creation ever? Step inside this epic children’s room

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  • Step inside this LEGO-inspired children's bedroom...

    Do you have a LEGO fanatic on your hands? They are going to love this!

    Many parents are used to being woken up by their little ones clambering into their beds. This was a nightly occurrence for Justin Davies, with his son rarely spending a full night in his own room. He decided to build a bedroom that he’d love spending the night in – and the result is this amazing LEGO design!

    Inspired by one of the most iconic toys in the world, he created the bedroom of his son’s dreams. But if you’re imagining a room filled with garish blocks of colour, think again.

    The result is a fun, but tastefull bedroom with a timeless monochromatic colour-scheme, painted by his wife, Jodie. The half white, half grey walls have two adjoining single beds down one side, which are raised from the floor and feature a desk and storage below.

    Drawers resembling LEGO bricks provide further storage, while a separate giant brick acts like a stool on the floor.

    Other features include a stencil on the wall of the evolution of LEGO, and a desk laden with his son’s LEGO creations and favourite characters.

    Justin said: ‘I enjoyed every minute of this build. I love coming up with different ideas and being creative with wood. The carpentry took four to five days and then a couple of days to paint it, so about a week in total. My son absolutely loves it and he hasn’t not had a full nights sleep in his room ever since.’

    Check out Justin’s Facebook page for more of his creations.

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