Gender-neutral nursery ideas to create a room to suit all little ones

Make your child's nursery beautiful with these useful and practical ways to create a bedroom scheme all children will love

Whether the sex of your new arrival is a surprise, you need to cater for siblings, or you are not a fan of stereotypical looks, gender-neutral nursery ideas will keep everyone happy whatever the outcome.

Unlike other children's room ideas, unisex nursery ideas need careful consideration. Of course, the room still needs to include sleep, play and seating areas but the beautiful scheme needs to be mutually admired by all parties involved.

From modern monochrome colour schemes to eclectic looks with vintage wall art, these gender-neutral nursery ideas will satisfy everyone for sure.

Gender-neutral nursery ideas

1. Snuggle up with cosy tones

kids room with soft toys and cream wall

(Image credit: H&M)

Natural materials and organic fabrics create a cosy and inviting gender-neutral nursery that will cacoon your child in warmth and safety.

Start with tawny toned, textured walls and layer up tactile rugs, blankets and cushions. Even the storage baskets in this unisex nursery are soft and snuggly. Finish with friendly plush toys with similar natural coloured coats.s.

2. Make storage part of the theme

kids room with shelves on white wall and jelly fish basket

(Image credit: Bellybambino)

When choosing a theme for a gender-neutral stick to motifs that appeal to both boys and girls. Sea-life can be cute when given a 'friendly face' twist. Enhance the look by introducing practical features to the story too - how adorable is this tactile, applique jellyfish storage basket?

3. Invite woodland friends in

kids room with printed wall and grey chair

(Image credit: Celina Digby)

A feature wall wallpaper idea is a practical gender-neutral nursery idea as it's a great way to add colour and pattern with child-friendly themes. An inviting woodland print will appeal to all mini outdoorsy types.

4. Introduce interests of your own

kids room with wooden cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

We suspect the parents of this nursery are keen cyclists. Sports, make great motifs for gender-neutral nurseries and are a great way of introducing a healthy lifestyle from an early age. This quirky bicycle-themed gallery wall makes a colourful and eclectic addition to this unisex nursery and is perfectly in-keeping displayed above a classic wooden cot.

5. Add an on-trend grown up wallpaper

kids room with floral printed wallpaper on wall and white window

(Image credit: Stokke)

A gender-neutral nursery can be a more grown-up affair when teamed with the right furniture and accessories. This unisex nursery looks ultra-funky with a statement leaf-print feature wall. The rich green shade and botanical pattern have a soothing quality. The atmosphere takes on an enchanting forest vibe when teamed with a contemporary wooden cot and friendly, faux fluffy fur, bearskin rug.

6. Pick a palette of black and white

kids room with photoframe on white wall and cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Ollie Gordon)

If you’re preparing the nest for an imminent new arrival and have avoided the temptation to find out the sex of the baby, go for a monochrome scheme that will work equally well for either sex. With clever use of paint, prints and accessories you will be able to create a room you’ll feel proud to bring your baby home to. Often considered a mature colour combination that can be cold, this room shows you how to baby-proof. Contrasting stripes and spots keep the look young and infantile and it seems pretty easy to keep clean.

These Lego storage cubes are not only stylish, but are an extremely practical toy storage idea. Great for a modern space, they look good as standalone pieces or stacked one on top of the other. This contemporary look will work for your child for years to come and can be easily updated as your child grows.

7. Be playful and fun

kids room with white tent and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Armelle Habib)

Choose a plain backdrop for displaying bright, modern artwork and unusual furniture. Keep your child stimulated with a teepee tent made from white cotton and wooden sticks. This creative little hideaway will provide a cosy retreat to while away the day. Fill it with colourful cushions and toys so they will never be bored.

Pair with a white cot, accessories in primary colours and soft, sheer muslin curtains for an understated nursery that you and your child will be happy to spend time in.

8. Work with vintage

kids with wooden flooring and globe on wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Armelle Habib)

Add an element of old-school nostalgia to a child's room. Not only will a host of primary colours excite your little one, but a map of the world will also stimulate their curiosity for life. Here, brightly coloured lockers provide heaps of colour-coded storage space, while decorative letters, spelling out their initials, give this space a personal touch. Finish of this creative scheme with a cane chair and throw - great for a spot of cosy reading.

9. Dare to be different

kids room with grey two floor cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Brent Darby)

Create a look that is bursting with fun and originality by mixing old and new. This child's room is a masterclass in how to mix colours, styles and patterns effectively. Touches of fire engine red add glorious contrast to this otherwise primarily monochrome scheme, while a very modern bunk bed has been layered with patchwork cushions that ooze ethnic style.

Complete the look with a set of vintage trunks and harmonising textiles for a unisex look that will still be relevant in years to come.

10. Add individuality

kids room with wooden sloping roof bed

(Image credit: FutureFuture PLC/ Rachel Whiting)

When decorating a child's room, think outside the box or, in this case, the treehouse. Choose one theme and run with it. Start with a standout and, more importantly, sturdy piece of furniture and work around it. Great for rooms with high ceilings, this treehouse bed is the ultimate show-stopper.

The alcove behind the bed has been papered with a montage of wildly exotic prints, which are all in-keeping with the jungle vibe. As this space is all about individuality, mix it up with a modern geometric rug and a glamorous metallic pouf.

11. Include your favourite colours (and theirs)

kids room with white walls and yellow bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Claire Lloyd Davies)

Pick two or three of your favourite colours and work them, in subtle hits, into your scheme. Yellow is the most common gender neutral colour around, but don't engulf your space with just one colour. Just remember, the colour wheel is only for guidance, it shouldn't hamper your personality, or dictate your scheme. A child's room is the best chance to be as creative and daring as you like and sometimes the most successful schemes happen by accident. Gingham bunting can also be strung up high, out of reach of little hands, to bring a touch of character and charm.

12. Think big

kids room with globe on wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Lisa Cohen)

Create an interesting feature wall that will excite curiosities. A world map can work particularly well in a child’s room, acting as both an educational aid and colourful décor. Track down a good-quality mural company that can create a bespoke design to perfectly fit your entire wall. Practical flooring and furniture are excellent options in a child's room. The dark grey carpet will disguise stains, while a hardy chest of drawers has great storage potential.

13. Opt for timeless white

kids room with white walls and white tent

(Image credit: Future PLC/ James French)

If you are stuck on where to start when designing a child's room, go for a foolproof all-white bedroom idea. It is the ideal base to build upon with colourful accessories and furniture, which can easily be changed as your child's personality and tastes develop. Layer the room with modern artwork and quirky curios to bring a touch of fun to an otherwise cooler scheme.

14. Keep it simple and gender-neutral

kids room with white chair and printed walls

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Cleveland)

Use contemporary ideas to decorate a room in a listed period house. Nothing says neutral more so than a cream scheme, but that doesn't mean it needs to be so vanilla. Hand-blocked wallpaper with a quirky alphabet design works perfectly alongside the striking original features, which are the real stars of the show in this room.

If your space is verging on the small side, then it is best to keep furniture to a minimum. A painted chest of drawers, wicker baskets, chequered window blind idea and a plantation-style armchair are beautiful additions to this traditional room.

15. Theme a reading corner

kids room with white walls and printed red pillow

(Image credit: Future PLC/ James French)

Reserve a special place in a child's bedroom for a reading corner idea. Bring in a bookcase - this one allows the books to be displayed face-on so they're more attractive to children - scatter cushions and versatile storage. Try and plan your reading space so it's as near to a window as possible so little eyes will have maximum light at story time.

Perk up a white room with coloured accessories and mark out the reading zone with a jolly string of bunting.

16. Go for timeless oak

kids room with printed white wall and wooden cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

Natural oak and other woods are a winning unisex nursery idea. Keep the colour scheme basic, in nude or stone, and make heavy, quality furniture your statement. Natural wood appeals to both baby girls and boys and looks great alongside stuffed forestry friends.

17. Mix colour schemes

kids room with printed wallpaper on wall and white cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme)

Not sure whether to go blue or pink? Then do both - a combination of both colours would suite either gender. A feature wall of pink flamingos in blue water pleases either palette and a blind in both shades completes the look.

18. Add multicoloured accessories to a white backdrop

kids room with toys on white shelves

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Paul Raeside)

Having one of each? Then multiple colours are bold, easy pleasers. Against a sharp white look, create a feature wall with multi-coloured toys, books and mobiles. Finish the room with coloured blankets that hang from the sides of wooden cots.

19. Go for grassy greens

kids room with printed wall and white cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Embrace the earthy tones of grey and green to appeal to gender ambiguity. Whilst these tones may be more masculine for some, it is easy to incorporate soft shades of yellows in accessories to make it more feminine.

20. Keep the theme neutral

kids room with white cabin bed and soft toys

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Boy or girl, the alphabet is a fun addition to a baby's room. These multicolour wall stickers are adorable and look great alongside stuffed animals and toys that feature on the wall. Create this look on a super, simple background.

21. Create a tranquil taupe colour scheme

kids room with toys and cabin bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Rachel Smith)

A shade on the beige spectrum, taupe is equally neutral as its parent colours, but a little more warming and cosy. We love these stick-on-glow-stars that will shine through the night so that your baby is watched over as they slumber.

What colours are gender-neutral for nurseries?

Any colour can be gender-neutral when paired with the right soft furnishings and accessories to create a theme. For instance, blue makes a charming unisex colour for boys and girls when used around an ocean or cloudy sky theme. Or, blush pink and terracotta tones can get an earthy twist when combined with mountain terrains and forest animal motifs.

If there is no theme start with a neutral backdrop and introduce colour and pattern with toys and artwork that is not too masculine or feminine. Primary and rainbow colours are a great choice.

How do you build a gender-neutral bedroom for siblings?

The key to designing a gender-neutral bedroom is to make sure you don't lean too heavily on masculine or feminine themes. Choose a theme they both love or give them independence by decorating two motifs that overlap blend well together such as transport, different animals or various ocean themes.

Bunk beds are a practical furniture choice in gender-neutral, sibling bedrooms as each can decorate their own sleeping areas with bedding and accessories on shelves.


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