13 neutral nurseries if you’re having a surprise

Beautiful neutral nurserie in unisex shades that will look great come girl or boy

The mystery, the excitement and the surprise behind keeping the gender of your unborn at bay all seemed great when you told the doctor you didn’t want to know.

However, now that it’s come to decorating the nursery, you’re a bit stuck!

Here are 13 designs to help you navigate the blue and pink maze and show you the unisex potentials of yellow, monochrome and wall art..

Go neutral


Nursery colour schemes

Image credit: Mark Scott

The most simple and easy way to keep it neutral is, well, neutral – think warming tones of honey and milk when designing your nursery. We love this canopy hanging above the crib, adorned with discreet dragonflies that compliment the bow ties on the cot.

Off to the forest we go

Nursery colour schemes

Image credit: Colin Poole


Natural oak and other woods are a unisex dream. Keep the colour scheme basic, in nude or stone, and make heavy, quality furniture your statement.
Wood appeals to both baby girls and boys and looks great alongside stuffed forestry friends.

Go both ways

Nursery colour schemes 6

Image credit: Lizzie Orme


Not sure whether to go blue or pink? Then do both – a combination of both colours would suite either gender. A feature wall of pink flamingos in blue water pleases either palette and a blind in both shades finishes the look.

Regal red

Red – the colour of Britishness and royalty. This is a shade that can accommodate your little princess of prince. Create the look by adding throws, toys and stuffed animals in varying tones of red on a clean white or cream palette.


Having one of each? Then multiple colours are bold, easy pleasers. Against a sharp white look, create a feature wall with multi-coloured toys, books and mobiles. Finish the room with coloured blankets that hang from the sides of wooden cots.

Grassy greens

Embrace the earthy tones of grey and green to appeal to gender ambiguity. Whilst these tones may be more masculine for some, it is easy to incorporate soft shades of yellows in accessories to make it more feminine.

A B C, it’s easy

Boy or girl, the alphabet is a fun addition to a baby’s room. These multicolour wall stickers are adorable and look great alongside stuffed animals and toys that feature on the wall. Create this look on a super, simple background.

Elegant ecru

Nursery colour schemes

Image credit: Rachael Smith


This nursery is simple and elegant. The traditional French chair creates a chic feel and we love the small hand-drawings of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Keep the look young with some fun wall stickers, such as these floating clouds.

Mellow in yellow

Soft yellows have long been favourites amongst parents, especially those expecting a surprise. Warmer than white but softer than green, yellow is a peaceful palette and very fashionable.

Effortless in white

Don’t know what you’re expecting? Then simply go white. If you have a striking ivory colour scheme running through your home, then why not introduce it into the nursery too? It’s simple, doesn’t offend and isn’t as scary as you think.

Multi with maps

Geography is fun for girls and boys so create a feature wall with a soft, interactive map like this one. Pick out the oranges, greens and red from the map and use these colours across furniture throughout the room.


Often considered a mature colour combination that can be cold, this room shows you how to baby-proof. Contrasting stripes and spots keep the look young and infantile and it seems pretty easy to keep clean.

No trouble with taupe


Nursery colour schemes

Image credit: Rachel Smith

A shade on the beige spectrum, taupe is equally neutral as its parent colours, but a little more warming and cosy. We love these stick-on-glow-stars that will shine through the night so that your baby is watched over as they slumber.

Green with envy

Different shades of green can be collaborated to create an organic feel. Equally as neutral as stone, white or yellow, green compliments any of these shades and looks fitting alongside natural oaks and wicker baskets.

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