Conservatory dining room ideas – 11 decorating looks to dine in style

A bright and airy conservatory can make an excellent place to eat. These stylish conservatory dining room ideas will make yours guest-ready.
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  • Thinking of moving your dining area into your conservatory? You’ll be in need of some conservatory dining room ideas then.

    Setting up a dining area in your conservatory means you can enjoy beautiful garden views with every meal, turning a simple daily event into a blissful experience, all the year round.

    You can achieve a stunning conservatory dining area that’s bathed in natural light, using a glass roof, skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Bi-folding doors are a popular choice as a conservatory interior idea and for garden rooms too. Completely slide apart to transform your space from an indoor to an al fresco diner in an instant, which will come in handy for all those garden parties and summer mealtimes you have planned.

    Mark Caulfield, director at The Caulfield Company explains, ‘As well as freeing up your existing dining room for other uses, a bright and airy conservatory can make an excellent place to eat.’

    ‘Whether it’s used for family dinners or formal dinner parties, a beautiful new conservatory can make an excellent social space for eating, drinking and enjoying your garden.’

    We run through our favourite conservatory dining room looks, perfect for casual brunches and late night suppers.

    Conservatory dining room ideas

    1. Make the space light and bright

    a long dining table with grey chairs in a conservatory with a pitched roof

    In a cool, crisp conservatory, opt for a simple but elegant dining table and surround it with understated contemporary chairs that blend in with the rest of the dining room colour scheme, allowing the greenery of the garden backdrop to shine through.

    James Upton, Managing Director of Westbury Garden Rooms says ‘Choosing to use your conservatory or orangery as an dining area is the perfect way to provide your guests with a light and bright, open plan space for dining.’

    ‘During the day the room will be flooded with plenty of natural light and by evening diners will be treated to views of the evening sky. An open plan area conservatory that includes a dining area, and soft seating area is the space that a family will inevitably inhabit the majority of the time.’

    2. Opt for wood

    Conservatory with grey-wash wooden floor and grey blinds

    Image credit: Blinds2Go

    Choose soft wooden furniture, such as a bamboo-look dining set, for county-style conservatory dining areas or orangery ideas, creating an informal and cosy place to eat for the whole family.

    A chunky limed oak table would make a striking centrepiece in the middle of a rustic garden room, echoing the natural textures of the outdoor space beyond. Introduce aromatic lavender planted up in pretty pots, plus chic tableware to create a provincial French-inspired dining feel.

    3. Keep to budget

    climbing plants in conservatory

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Rachel Whiting

    If you’re on a budget and want to make use of your existing dining set you just need to add a tablecloth and printed seat covers to make an impact and define your conservatory dining scheme.

    4. Install bi-folds

    modern glass garden room with dining table

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    Large-scale bi-fold doors make a style-statement in this modern extension, perfect for sheltered, alfresco dining, with a view over the garden. Add comfy cushions and wile away the hours, as the sun goes down, with your dinner guests.

    Mark Caulfield, director of The Caulfield Company adds, ‘From breakfasting whilst watching the birds, to dinner parties with a garden view! Even when the weather isn’t nice, you will still be able to enjoy the outdoors every day. Make the most of this with plenty of windows, creating a light and inviting space.’

    5. Create a feature floor in a compact space

    terracotta tiled floor in a conservatory with green wicker table and chairs

    Image credit: Nicholas Yarsley

    Compact conservatories can be put to good use too. Here, a small round dining table and stylish terracotta flooring creates a charming dining area, perfect for breakfast with a view.

    6. Add a gallery wall

    White dining room with blue chairs and picture wall

    Image credit: Future/Robert Sanderson

    Turn your conservatory into an elegant dining room fit for any guests. Here a gallery wall idea and comfy velvet chairs add a personal touch to this light-filled room.

    Choose a neutral colour for the walls and floor to keep your conservatory diner light and bright – especially important for small conservatory ideas. Build up your look by layering on carefully chosen fixtures, fittings and furniture.

    7. Opt for country style

    rustic dining room in a conservatory style extension

    Image credit: Jemma Watts

    This simple country-style dining room works perfectly as a natural extension to the kitchen. Exposed brickwork, tongue-and-groove cabinetry and distressed furniture all add to the rustic feel.

    8. Go open plan

    a side return extension with glass wall and ceiling in a modern open plan living area

    Image Credit: Chris Snook

    This airy, open-plan space is a natural home for a relaxed dining area overlooking the garden with a side return extension idea featuring a modern floor to ceiling window and rooflights.

    Mark Caulfield, from The Caulfield Company explains, ‘You can create a flowing space from your kitchen to your conservatory with windows, open doorways or arches between the rooms.’

    ‘You could even join both rooms together and make them open plan, with the dining table at the back of the house to make the most of the views.’

    9. Design a pitched roof

    Conservatory with dining table

    Image credit: Future PLC

    This pitched-roof conservatory extension has been decorated simply for maximum impact. A roomy dining table and chairs takes centre stage, ideal for light-filled family dining overlooking the garden.

    Make the most of an airy garden room, with a large, rustic dining table. In this room, simple oak flooring and a limed oak table provide the focal point and complement the garden beyond.

    10. Include contemporary furniture

    Dining room with tiled floor

    Image credit: Lifestyle Floors

    Scandi inspired furniture in a palette of neutrals makes the most of this conservatory. As well as space for dining, there’s room too for a sofa and floor lamp, ideal for reading and relaxing.

    Janine Loucaides, Interior Blogger for Amara advises, ‘Create an effortlessly charming setting in your conservatory by exploiting the natural light flooding through and views of the great outdoors.’

    ‘Hunt for a vintage timber dining table set; upholster the seat pads in rustic linen fabrics. Add industrial metal pendants, combined with retro LED bulbs. Handmade multi-coloured encaustic tiles will add vibrancy to the floor.’

    This bright conservatory includes gorgeous conservatory plant ideas, while providing an ideal vantage point for garden viewing. Simple furniture makes this an informal dining space.

    11. Play with nifty space-saving hacks

    in-built seating dining table in a conservatory - Westbury Garden Rooms

    Image credit: Westbury Garden Rooms

    If you have limited space, think about opting for in-built booth seating and round, or another table style that would suit your space to free up some space.

    James Upton, Managing Director of Westbury Garden Rooms says, ‘If you use your conservatory as a dining area, there should be plenty of room for your chosen style/size of dining table and additional seating to accommodate everyone.’

    ‘The most common type of table used is a long rectangular one, but there are other options to consider; try an ‘L’ or horse-shoe shaped table. This will give an illusion of space by leaving a portion of the floor space free. And they’ll also help guests feel like they are in smaller groups which make it easier to talk.’

    Can you use a conservatory as a dining room?

    Although, more traditionally a conservatory is used as an extra seating area to enjoy the garden, they actually make fabulous dining rooms. Whether for formal dinner parties or family suppers, a conservatory is a great social space for eating and drinking.

    Mark Caulfield explains, ‘The first advantage of using a conservatory as a dining room is that it frees up your existing dining area. This means that the old dining room can be used as additional sitting space, or even opened up to extend your front room or kitchen.’

    ‘You can create a flowing space from your kitchen to your conservatory with windows, open doorways or arches between rooms. You could even join both rooms together and make them open plan – with the dining table at the back of the house to make the most of the views.’

    How do I get the most of my small conservatory?

    If your existing conservatory is on the small side, don’t fret as there’s lots you can do to make the most of your small space. Adding a splash of colour can lift a small space, while making sure you don’t overload it with furniture is probably the most imperative advice.

    Look for nifty ways to use the space wisely like installing window seats. Elevate storage to make clear floor space will also trick the eye. It’s also a good idea to keep the space cool by using blinds to block out too much light.

    Emma Worboys, Designer at Westbury Garden Rooms makes the case for clever lighting to make a small space seem bigger, ‘Lighting creates, enhances, and transforms each space so is considered an integral element for our designers to consider.’

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