Gallery wall ideas – 24 ways to display artwork in any room

If you haven't included some gallery wall ideas, have you even decorated a room?

gallery wall ideas with myraid sized artwork on back wall in dining area of an open plan dinign area
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Gallery wall ideas form the backdrop of many interiors. From hanging treasured family photos and holiday landscape masterpieces to inspirational quote artwork, a good gallery wall should serve as a visual representation of your personality and your interests. 

Gallery wall ideas welcome a personal touch to any room, from popular living room ideas to more creative bathroom gallery walls the possibilities are endless. 

Of course, there are no rules about where you choose to hang a gallery wall, all you need is a free wall and décor that you love but should you need some more inspiration, these gallery wall ideas are sure to inspire.

Have you even decorated a room if you didn't feature gallery wall ideas? It's the style statement to instantly transform a blank space into a wonder wall. With over 1.6 million hashtags on Instagram, it is clear to see just how big a deal this feature wall idea really is.

'It’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding on wall display ideas,' says Anna Sheridan, stylist at Heal’s. 'First, think about where it will be placed and how it will interact with the scheme around it. If the room is already busy with bright accessories and furnishings, you may want to keep it simple, for example with two-tone graphics.'

'Alternatively, for more pared-back schemes, gallery wall ideas can be a quick way to add colour and personality into the room.' 

Monochrome home office with gallery wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

1. Curate your gallery wall design

gallery wall with myraid sized artwork on back wall in dining area of an open plan dinign area

(Image credit: Paul Massey/Turner Pocock)

Wall display ideas are a beautiful way to embrace your creativity and bring personality, scale and interest to a living space. 

‘Try not to overthink the process of hanging pictures as a gallery wall.  A natural harmony will often reveal itself when you instinctively bring together artworks in a clustered display that you love,’ advises Emma Pocock of Turner Pocock. ‘To help create balance in the room, use a key focal point, such as the banquette seat in this image, to judge the ideal width of the hang.’ 

If you’re lacking in confidence, then this genius gallery wall hack will definitely help. You can also try mapping out the design on the floor and playing with combinations until you find one you love. 

2. Choose the right size for your space

gallery wall with yellow and grey theme in living room with neutral sofa and patterned armchairs

(Image credit: Oka)

The amount of space you have will play an important role in choosing the best pieces for your walls. For example, the way in which your approach living room feature walls will be different to when creating stairway wall decor ideas.

‘The key is to make sure there’s enough space around the edge of the piece – with the wall acting almost as an extra frame. 

A single picture can have a real impact in an interior, but you can spend forever searching for the perfect size for your room. Remember, you don’t have to hang art in prime position – for example, if your chosen piece isn’t working as decor above your fireplace, why not find a new spot for it? I love putting a great picture somewhere really unexpected,’ says Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director at Oka.

3. Consider lighting

lighting over an abstract life drawing painting with minimalist bar light above and wooden shelf before with cnadle and greenery in vase

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Lighting trends don't often include gallery wall ideas, but they can be a valuable addition. 

‘Lighting artwork in your home isn’t always necessary, but it can highlight the art and create a focal point in your space. Using picture lights above artwork creates a sense of intimacy with the art and enhances the character of the piece,' says Katie Lion, senior interior designer at Kitesgrove.

'However, you may want to forgo additional lighting if the space is already well-lit, or in areas where it would feel too cluttered, such as on a picture wall with multiple artworks. Lighting art can sometimes involve rewiring so it’s best to focus on the most impactful pieces. The lighting should always discreetly enhance the artwork rather than dominate it.’ 

katie lion headshot
Katie Lion

Katie Lion joined Kitesgrove in 2017, having previously worked on the design team at Soane Britain which particularly enriched her passion for materials and craftsmanship. 

She has a keen eye for materials and colour and relishes working with a variety of individual makers and suppliers and places particular importance on understanding the psychology of how a client lives and how a space should feel.    Her inspiration is drawn from nature as well as travelling, exploring cultures and the art, architecture and antiques that she discovers. 

4. Don't overlook the frames

gallery wall yellow framed artwork on cream wall behind dark blue panelling banquette seating area which is paired with table and farmhouse chairs

(Image credit: Hugo May/Howark Design)

When it comes to gallery wall ideas, how you frame a piece is as important as choosing the right artwork for your space, as it will have a significant impact on the look and feel of the display. 

Warm or distressed woods are a great choice for a modern country space, while slim black or white frames will bring a more contemporary feel. But these are not the only options. 

‘Linking colours within the artworks, as well as the furnishings around them, helps to create a cohesive look. Here we referenced the zingy yellow frames with a smaller piece of art  – out of shot – which has a blue frame to tie in with the banquette,’ says James Arkoulis, creative director at Howark Design

You don't have to employ a professional framer either – framing your own artwork is a great way to combine gallery walls with budget decorating ideas.

Icona Bay 13x18 Yellow Picture Frame | £3.99 at Amazon

Icona Bay 13x18 Yellow Picture Frame | £3.99 at Amazon

This real wood picture frame is available in a range of colours – including this striking yellow – and would make a stunning addition to a picture wall.

5. Use your artwork to define your decorating scheme

small corner of open plan kitchen with pink white and green artwork which defines the scheme of the green banquette pink and white striped cushions

(Image credit: Nefarious Design)

Artwork plays a key role in defining a decorating scheme and for many interior designers, it will provide the starting point for the whole space. Knowing this expert tip will help you to be your own interior designer.

‘When starting out with your gallery wall ideas, start by choosing a piece that fits the space and works with the use of the room. You can either draw inspiration for colour from the tones used within the artwork or from a palette of colours that complements the piece,' advises Adam Knight, director, Nefarious Design

'Choosing one main colour for walls and secondary shades for details, such as cornices and architraves, adds depth and dimension, providing the perfect gallery wall for your inspiration piece.'

6. Go above and beyond with the layout

hallway with white wall and picture frame and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore)

This pleasing assortment of frames welcomes fun and personality to this white hallway ideas. The layout is cleverly determined to look unplanned, but to the trained eye there's evidence of extreme precision to ensure all the different shapes and sizes work cohesively within the space. The matching frames, despite being in different sizes, bring unity to the look – without it being sterile and symmetrical.

'For larger gallery wall ideas, using a variety of sizes will draw the eye across the arrangement' advises Anna Sheridan, stylist at Heal’s. 

'If this is the look you want to create, try to avoid pairing identical sizes together, such as two portrait A3 pieces, as this will make the overall design feel disjointed. Keep the larger frames central and use around 25 per cent of the total display to work in brighter colours.'

7. Use space behind the sofa

living area with green wall and sofa and cushions and picture frame and wooden floor

(Image credit: Future PLC/John Lewis & Partners)

Anchor your living room picture wall by placing it on the wall above the sofa – as this will naturally be the central focus for most living room layouts.

When hanging pictures, a general rule of thumb is that the centre of the image should be at eye level. In rooms where people are usually sitting down – such as a living room or dining room – eye-level will be at a seated position so artwork should be hung a little lower. Roughly one-hand width above a sofa is a good way of gauging the right height.

7. Adorn the wall over a console table

room with yellow wall and yellow lamp and picture frame and table

(Image credit: Future)

A trick that stylists and designers often use when they're putting a scheme together is the rule of three, where odd-numbered groupings look more natural and work better together than even-numbered. This can work with objects, colours, fabrics, wall art and interestingly kitchen lighting ideas. Keep the arrangement strictly symmetrical for best effect, with pictures hung horizontally three-in-a-row and spaced evenly apart.

This living room paint idea, using both yellow and grey, has divided the room in half, giving more focus to the trio of framed prints.

9. Make an impact in a hallway

hallway with picture frames and white wall and blue bench

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles)

Consider making a stylish first impression by adding gallery wall ideas in your hallway.

'Narrow hallways and staircases are often left to be fairly empty, with too many accessories creating a crowded feel, so these are the perfect location for gallery walls' suggests Anna Sheridan, stylist at Heal’s. 'A gallery wall will add interest to the décor without any unnecessary clutter.' Minimising clutter is so important for the hallway and there are lots more clutter-busting ideas for hallways that will help.

But how do you plan a layout? Ideal Home's Editor Heather Young tells how she did it, 'In the past, I created paper templates of the frames to stick these to the walls using blue-tack. Meaning I knew exactly where the nails or screws needed to go.'

10. Get creative with wallpaper

room with grey wall and wallpaper frame and dining table with chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tim Young)

This quirky wallpaper idea is a great way to use patterns without wallpapering at all! Create a wall display by choosing an even number of coordinating pattern patterns to mount and frame in matching designs to create bespoke artwork that welcomes accent colours to work into the rest of the room.

11. Fill a blank canvas

kitchen area with white wall and white kitchen units and picture frames

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tom Meadows)

Wall art displayed in even numbers, such as a pair or in multiples of two, looks best when it's hung in a symmetrical arrangement and part of a larger geometrical shape, such as a square or a rectangle. Use identical frames and mounts to achieve a unified gallery wall and keep the spacing in between pictures narrow so that they appear as part of a group rather than in isolation.

Introducing a gallery wall as a kitchen wall decor idea offers an easy and affordable way to style your space.

12. Create a point of focus

living room with cream walls and sofas with gallery wall behind

(Image credit: Sarah Vanrenen)

A random assortment of pictures and frames can work well together as part of gallery wall ideas, but it's always wise to have some sort of unifying theme, shape or colour to link them. Start by positioning the most prominent piece centrally and at eye level and then work outward with smaller pieces.

13. Frame foliage for effect

room with white wall and picture frames and pots and table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore)

Who says gallery wall ideas are only for artwork and photos? This quirk house plant idea shows how to demonstrate further personality when choosing a theme for a wall display. An even number of framed cactus illustrations are interspersed with metal display cubes, each displaying a different potted cactus plants to bring the wall to life – quite literally.

14. Mix and match your gallery wall

Living room decorated in a soft grey colour with grey sofa with multi-coloured cushions and large leather ottoman in the centre of the room

(Image credit: Future)

Try a more relaxed arrangement and group artwork and other favourite things together on a shelf or mantelpiece rather than hung up on a wall - this allows you to change the display more easily and you can add to it with newer finds as and when. Start by propping your largest pictures against the wall first, layering tall items behind short ones to create an interesting backdrop and filling in gaps here and there with smaller ornaments and postcards.

A photo wall is a great way to add a splash of changeable colour to a white living room idea, as this example brilliantly demonstrates.

15. Seek a simple layout for smaller spaces

living area with white wall and picture frame and white sofa and coffee table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore)

With any gallery wall ideal it’s important to make sure your wall has enough space to create your desired photo wall, to avoid overwhelming the space – especially in a small room living room or small bedroom.

'A neat grid layout is well suited for more compact spaces and can read as one larger piece of artwork' explains Anna Sheridan, stylist at Heal’s. 'In this instance, each individual piece should be uniformed across size, medium and theme.'

16. Add interest to bathroom walls

bathroom with grey wall and bathtub and picture frame and mirror

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Paul Craig)

A gallery wall idea isn't just for living rooms and bedrooms, a bathroom can be the ideal space to welcome a more personal touch. Whether it's family photos or a curated gallery wall with mirrors and artwork, a plain bathroom wall is crying out for decoration.

'Using different mediums is a great way to add interest to a gallery wall and can demonstrate an eye for detail' advises Anna Sheridan at Heal’s. 'As long as there is an overall sense of cohesion, play around and experiment with different pieces. Mixing materials brings depth, and incorporating reflective accessories and mirrors can break up larger layouts with the illusion of added space.'

17. Curate a nature display

blue wall with picture frame and vase

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore)

Pretty-up an empty wall surface with an asymmetrical arrangement. This is a great solution when you have a group of prints or wallhangings that are different but share complimentary colours or themes. Stagger the frames to create interest and energy.

This example incorporates a quirky wall-mounted vase - perfect for fresh or faux flowers, depending in you commitment to changing the display.

18. Make it match for a sophisticated approach

grey wall with picture frames and chest and white door

(Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles)

Make a style statement with a matching scheme, to set a decorating guideline for the rest of the room to follow. 'Matching frames can offer a clean overall look, where the focus lies more on the art itself, and creates more structure' advises Anna Sheridan. 'However, a mix of materials, textures and colours on a frame builds more character and variety – particularly for larger layouts.'

19. Allow freedom by arranging on a picture ledge

Close up of a bed with a padded leather headboard framed by the pale oak frame and a shelf displaying black and white framed photographs

(Image credit: Future)

A picture ledge allows you to change things up more freely, as opposed to a mounted gallery wall with holes in the wall. If you have an assortment of artwork and family photographs that you want to display together, try a staggered arrangement displayed on a narrow picture shelf.

This works well if you have lots of pictures in different shapes and sizes - just keep to similar frames, colours or mounts. Start with the largest frames first, working down to the smallest, overlapping as you go to fill in any gaps. It's the ideal solution for a rented flat, meaning less holes in the walls but no less visual impact.

20. Coordinate colours

bedroom with shelf and picture frame and wooden floor

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Mel Yates)

Use a gallery wall display to enhance the wider room by coordinating a colour scheme. In this monochrome bedroom colour scheme idea the picture ledges matches the accent colour on the bedlinen, while the matching black frames and monotone artwork tie in with the accessories and create a style statement.

21. Make it abstract

desk with chair and pictures and pegboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore)

For a gallery wall that feels unfussy and more creative for more a cork board with a loosely curated displays of photos, postcards and keepsakes. Add to the artistic flair by securing the pictures with colourful pins or strips of decorative Washi tape. the beauty of Washi tape means you can use this idea for a plain painted wall, securing the photos in place without damaging the walls. Ideal for a teenagers bedroom idea.

22. Stagger the alignment to create interest

living area with wooden floor and painting frame and sofa with pillows

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Nick Smith)

Use your gallery wall alignment to draw the eye in. Even if you choose to hang the frames in even numbers you can still create interest by choosing an alternative layout, with a synchronised bottom line, but using different sized frames and an uneven layout. This fine example is a smart wall to draw the eye into the room, allowing the view beyond to take focus at the opposite end. The layout balancing the room and it's surroundings.

23. Use art to create a focal point

living area with shelves and fireplace and armchair

(Image credit: TBC)

If a room doesn't have a natural focal point, a piece of artwork will work a treat. Take a bold approach in a small space and go for an over-sized image. ‘The contrast will create an installation-like feel, particularly with a contemporary or abstract piece,' says Philippa Prinsloo, Home Design Manager, John Lewis & Partners.

24. Hang freely for an alternative perspective

white wall with pictures hanging and white desk and black lamp

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Eltes)

To keep walls free of raw plugs and nails try an alternative method of hanging a gallery wall, like this example with frames suspended from a peg rail. This idea is ideal if you're looking for ways to decorate a rented home.


How do you layout a photo gallery wall?

Planning is key when it comes to creating the perfect layout for a photo gallery wall. Before making any holes in the wall, plan a layout that you’re happy with. Heal's stylist Anna Sheridan shares her top tips to planning with precision, 'The easiest way is to lie each piece out on the floor and try different configurations to see how the different art works together.'

'You can also cut pieces of tracing parchment or old wrapping paper to match the size of each frame, or use masking tape to create an outline, and use these as templates on the wall to move around and visualise which configuration works best. If you’re looking for art online and still haven’t decided which pieces you want to use, create a digital moodboard on your computer to include existing furniture in the room, as this will help to visualise what will work within the scheme.'

'There is no single guide that works for every room, especially when you’re designing a bespoke layout of frames, so it’s okay to judge the arrangement by eye and adjust it to suit your individual scheme. However, as a rule of thumb, aim to have the centre of the gallery at eye level height – around 57” from the floor.'

What are the do's and don'ts of a gallery wall?

'Common mistakes are not planning the layout before hanging frames; using clashing colours; not having enough size variation and inconsistent spacing between prints' says Anna Sheridan at Heal’s. 'Try to avoid hanging a gallery amongst existing artwork, or on the same wall as a TV or window, as this can distract from the display and make it look disjointed.'

'When deciding the type of look you want to create, Pinterest is a great place to start – with hundreds of examples to find inspiration from, you can collect the colours, patterns and layouts that you love the most.'

'However, it’s best to stick to one overall theme to maintain a cohesive and considered look. Even if you want to mix photography with abstract art, drawings and typography, try to keep at least one element the same throughout - whether it’s a common colour palette, a collection of family photographs or your favourite travel destinations.'

living area with blue wall and white door and fireplace and coffee

(Image credit: Future PLC/Douglas Gibb)

How to hang a gallery wall

'Once you’re happy with the layout, hold each piece against the wall and make a small mark where the top of the frame should lie' advises Anna. 'Measure the frame from the top to the point at which it will hang, and mark this distance on the wall so you know where to put the nail.'

You’ll require a hammer, spirit level, measuring tape, picture hooks, and picture hanging wire or cord. If your gallery includes any heavy-weighted frames, mirrors etc it’s best to use raw plugs and screws to avoid any items falling off the walls – this has happened to me and it's terrifying when it crashes to the floor and glass smashes everywhere!

'Aim to keep the distance between each piece the same, with a space of around 3 inches.' advises Anna. 'If the frames are too far apart, the final look can feel disjointed; too close together and it will appear over-crowded. The great thing about gallery walls, is that they can continue to grow over time, so it’s best to start with a layout that you love and leave room in case you want to add further pieces later.'

The brilliant thing about any gallery wall idea, layout or framing style, no matter if you copycat from a recent source of inspiration your gallery wall will be 100 per cent bespoke – because the prints and photographs are totally unique to you.


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