Bring a touch of traditional Moroccan chic to your dining table

Elevate your entertaining space with pieces from this luxurious new interiors collection...

dining table with chair and tableware set
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Promotional feature with Sainsbury's Home

As the weather warms up, summer soirées and al fresco dinners become the social highlights of the season. If, like us, you love the idea of entertaining at home, then why not impress your guests with a chic, contemporary table theme, courtesy of Sainsbury’s Home.

Its fabulous new Moroccan Luxe collection features a range of stunning tableware and accessories, all boasting gorgeous grey and ivory colour schemes, gold accents and rich opulent textures that'll add an artisan edge to any supper party.

Transport your guests to an elegant medina riad with sumptuous soft furnishings and textiles, adorned with patterns inspired by traditional Moroccan designs. Add ambience with tealights, hurricane lamps and metallic glassware for a flickering, reflective glow. And choose from four exclusively designed scents across candles and reed diffusers to help set the scene of a balmy Moroccan evening.

Tables are treated to patterned platters and plates, all sitting harmoniously within a sophisticated neutral colour palette of silver, whitewash and dark blue. Hammered brass finishes can be found on everything from nibble bowls to serving platters, and we love how a few well-placed foliage stems will add depth and style to your space.

All that's left for you to do is fix a dish with plenty of North African flavour (a rich tagine maybe?), chill some delicious wine and wait for your guests to arrive.

Here are some our favourite pieces from the Sainsbury's Home new Moroccan Luxe collection…

1/10 Made for dipping

crudite plate

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Rustling up your favourite dips and snacks has never been easier with this fabulous outdoor serving plate.
Crudité plate, £10

2/10 Fragrant fancy

large glass candle

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Nothing finishes a dinner table better than a luxuriously scented candle, especially one as opulent as this.
Large Glass Candle, £25

3/10 Softly lit

grey glass tealight holders

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Arrange these stylish tealight holders on shelves to achieve an all-enveloping ambience.
Tealight Holder, £3.50

4/10 Sweet treats

dessert bowl

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Elevate your dessert to designer status with these gorgeous outdoor tableware pieces.
Dessert Bowl, £3.50

5/10 Mint tea

geo cup

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Serve guests a traditional Moroccan mint brew after dinner to finish the evening.
Geo Cup, £3.50

6/10 Party platter

party platter

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And bring out a selection of warmed flatbreads on this stylish platter to impress your guests.
Platter, £6

7/10 Time for fizz

champagne flute

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A sparkling Cava pre-dinner cocktail will look beautiful in one of these gold accented glasses.
Champagne Flute, £4

8/10 Fill your bowl

pasta bowl

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The luxe gold rims give these pasta bowls a sophisticated edge.
Pasta Bowl, £4

9/10 And, relax

tassel cushion

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Scatter cushions around your seating area to add an element of relaxed riad style.
Tassel Cushion, £12

10/10 Pretty pachyderms

elephant ornaments

(Image credit: TBC)

Give your table a quirky finishing touch with these cute elephants!
Elephant Ornaments, £7