6 Ways to brighten up your home after the Christmas decorations come down

It's always a sad moment when the last of the Christmas deccies are taped back up into their cardboard box and shoved in the loft. The little baubles wave at you goodnight as they go into hibernation, and the wilted Christmas foliage makes its way to the garden waste bin. But mourn not! You can still keep the spirit of Christmas decor alive, without it being too obvious that you just can't let go. And a beautifully-dressed home will go a long way to chase those January blues away.

Add a herb wreath


Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Take away the holly and the ivy, and there are plenty of attractive foliage options that’ll suit January and beyond. Herbs are particularly lovely as they’ll give a delicious scent to the room too – or welcome guests to your home when placed on the front door. So think about rosemary, mint, thyme and bay leaves, and mix up your favourite scents.

Take inspiration from these wreaths, and replace the traditional Christmas touches with year-round options instead.

UnChristmassy garlands


There are plenty of different themes to use for garlands around the house now you’ve put your Santa hat and stocking designs away. Take inspiration from travel by making your own map-themed garlands, as seen here, or go for bright floral colours to keep your spirits up for the rest of the winter.

If you’re good with needlework, try crochet garlands using the basic granny square pattern, or knit some multi-coloured flags with odd ends of yarn.

Try these ideas for creative year-round garlands.

Embrace fairy lights


Twinkling lights are one of the best things about Christmas decorations, adding a touch of the magic to any room and keeping the lighting low and flattering. But while it might be time to put away your multicoloured lights, warm white is perfect all year round.

Look for cute shaped options, like the roses above, or quirky bulbs in fun motifs – pineapples and flamingos are everywhere this season. Drape over mirrors, pictures and along window sills. Or put a couple of reels of fairy lights into a glass vase and enjoy the light it throws.

Stuck for inspiration? Check out these ideas for fairy lights you haven’t thought of.

Encourage nature to take centre stage


Nature is always a mood lightener, and taking your real Christmas tree out is a sad moment. So keep the natural theme going indoors by letting decorative trees take centre stage all year round. Head to your local garden centre and look for some small indoor trees (you can even decorate them with fairly lights if you fancy). Log tables and indoor plants dotted around the room add a touch of the outdoors indoors too.

A centrepiece alternative


Your berry and fir centrepiece might have been packed away on twelfth night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful table. Think fresh flowers, white berries and a light, natural feel to give you a sense of optimism and brightness for the year ahead.

A beautifully dressed table


Just because you don’t have the whole family descending on you for every mealtime, doesn’t mean you have to ditch the beautifully-dressed table. Sitting down to a lovely place setting on a January evening is a lovely treat, so keep the special feel to mealtimes that you’ve cultivated over the festive period. Leave a baseplate and monochrome napkin out so you can mix and match coloured plates and cutlery, cute straws and other accessories.

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