7 stunning craft rooms guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing

Be inspired by these gorgeous room schemes and create a pretty and practical space

If you're lucky enough to have a craft room at home (or even if you're just lusting after one) take a look at these 7 gorgeous rooms - clever storage solutions, vintage touches, colour coding fit for a king - there's something for everyone! So grab a cup of tea, thread up that sewing machine and get making!

craft room at home wit h cleaver storage arrangements

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Colour me beautiful

Bright pops of red give this pretty craft room a real sense of vibrancy. Patterned oilcloth has been used to cover the table and a large bin for fabric rolls – a great option for surfaces that see a lot of use as it’s durable and wipe clean! The design of the table creates additional storage and this bookcase from Ikea is a super affordable way of storing all manner of crafty supplies.

living room with floor lamp and white chest of drawers

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Take time out

Pale blue and cream tones immediately add a sense of calm to this busy room. If you have the space, add comfy armchair to your craft room - it will give you a place to gather your thoughts before a project or have a much-needed cup of tea after a long sewing sesh.

craft room with old white storage unit and white wall

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Savvy storage solutions

You can never ever have too much storage in a craft room. This vintage chest of drawers has been painted off-white to lighten the colour scheme but provides an abundance of space for everything you could possible need. Keep an eye out for vintage or antique pieces you can upcycle at second hand shops for a super affordable storage solution.

craft room with sewing machine and off white wall

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Bright and breezy

Make sure your craft room is a space you’re happy to spend a lot of time in – pale walls and lots of natural light will make for a pleasant working environment. When decorating your room, pick a few key items that are pretty and practical, like this lovely wall mounted pigeonhole unit.

craft room with wooden table and cloths

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Go big or go home

If you’ve got the space, make the most of it! A built-in shelving unit makes the most of the alcove in this lovely room – getting a joiner in may be more pricey than flat pack but you’ll end up with a far more efficient storage system. A large second hand dining table makes for the perfect sewing area in this sizable room.

craft room with white wall and shelves

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Obsessive Compulsive Colour

If you’ve got the time and the willpower, colour coding your bobbins will create an instant (and totally free) feature in your craft room… For an extra special touch, spray paint the lids of the jars the appropriate colour (farmyard animals optional). A thin rail and hanging cups creates the perfect space for craft materials you need to keep close to hand.

craft room with sewing machine and laptop

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Sleek and stylish

If you prefer to keep bright colour reserved for your craft projects, how about this charming craft room cum home office? An L-shaped desk provides bags of space for both sewing machine and laptop (always helpful to have YouTube handy when you forget how to set in a sleeve). Wall mounted storage creates extra space for fabric, wool and stationery.

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