8 things that happen during every episode of MasterChef

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  • MasterChef is back on our screens – and so are these events!

    MasterChef is back. A new batch of celebrities from music, TV and film have taken up residence in the fancy kitchen, cooking up a storm for judges Greg Wallace and John Torode.

    While every episode of the hit BBC show has it’s own challenges and triumphs for the contestants that are cooking, there are several things bound to occur on those famous work benches…

    1. Greg does the Pudding Dance

    If there’s one man in country who loves his puddings, it’s Greg. The mere mention of a cheesecake or tiramisu gets the biggest grin ever seen on BBC screens, and when served, the pudding in question is greeted with his infamous ‘Pudding Dance’ (which is more of a shuffle, as
    Strictly Come Dancing fans will testify).

    2. Someone cooks something they have never cooked before

    A quite simply ridiculous idea from start to finish. WHY?

    3. A contestant serves extremely rare meat

    This moment is usually followed by a pretty laboured joke about ‘it’s so rare it’s still walking off the plate’ joke by the judges.

    4. Buttery Biscuit Base is mentioned with a grin

    After Greg’s first mention of enjoying the odd ‘Buttery Biscuit Base’ on his cheesecake of choice, the Internet did its thing, and created the glorious BBB rap. Cue contestants mentioning their intentions to create their own BBB with a wry grin at least once an episode.
    You can listen to the glorious rap here.

    5. John says ‘I’m not so sure’

    A pretty confident young cook excitedly shares that they are putting two pretty strange flavours together to serve something the judges ‘have never tasted before’. There’s a reason, love, as John’s whisper of ‘I’m not so sure’ to camera explains.

    6. A wild-eyed contestant tries to cook a chocolate fondant

    The Masterchef kitchen is where chocolate fondants go to die. Slowly and painfully. Every episode sees a contestant attempt one, and the judges usually roll their eyes in unison.

    7. An over-confident cook has major seasoning issues

    Not enough, or far too much. And they can never believe they have really made that big a rookie error.

    8. A cook uses sugar instead of salt (and vise versa)

    There’s always one. This is usually followed by tears and a hug from another contestant.

    Welcome back, Masterchef, we’ve missed you! The series continues at Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.

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