These bedroom drawers have been given a whole new look for under £75

…and the owner has made a whopping £325.21 profit!

We all have that bland set of drawers hiding in our homes, begging for a makeover. If you've been planning to swap in your set for something more stylish, then this black rattan bedroom drawers makeover could just be the thing to inspire you to pick up a paintbrush.

Tasmin Blaney transformed her set of old wooden bedroom drawers for under £75. Her upcycled furniture idea was to give the set a rattan-style makeover, which proved incredibly effective.

Black rattan bedroom drawers makeover

'I’ve always been creative and used to upcycle old furniture that my mum had in the house, to give it a new life in my bedroom,' Tasmin told budgeting finch bank thinkmoney.

'I used to be a fashion designer, but was made redundant at the start of the pandemic, so I decided to go into teaching maths. I’ve missed being creative every day at work and try to be as creative as possible in my home life as that’s what motivates me and keeps me going.'


cupboard with metal handle

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tasmin Blaney)

Tasmin found these drawers on Gumtree and paid £10 for a set of two. She started by prepping them by giving them a clean and sanding them down to create a base that the paint would stick to. She also removed the handles and filled the holes.

Tasmin used leftover black paint she already had to paint both sets of drawers. Rust-oleum or Annie Sloan are two of the best paint for furniture if you're looking to buy a new tin. After painting the drawers she attached some rattan webbing.

rattan webbing and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tasmin Blaney)

'I bought some rattan webbing for £30 on Amazon and cut out panels for each drawer, which I glued on,' Tasmin explains.

'Then I gave each one a border using half dowel mouldings, which cost just £2.79 from B&Q.'

black coloured rattan webbing

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tasmin Blaney)

The rattan webbing and dowel borders were painted the same colour as the drawers. Then all that was left to do was add the gold hexagon-shaped pulls, which Tasmin bought from Amazon for £10 (for six). She also added some hairpin legs, which again were bought from Amazon for £22 (for eight).


black drawer with potted plant on it

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tasmin Blaney)

Sat underneath a wood countertop, the drawers are a far cry from when Tasmin first bought them, with the dark black colour and gold pulls and legs giving the furniture a luxe feel.

Not only that, but with a resale price of up to £200 each, this savvy homeowner has made a profit of £325.21 – not bad for a simple furniture upcycle!

cupboard with books and pooted plants on it

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Tasmin Blaney)

You can see more of Tasmin's creations and DIY and decorating ideas on her Instagram account where she documents the progress of her first renovation.

Inspired to start buying and selling your own upcycling projects?

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