Hold your own royal garden party in honour of the Queen’s birthday with Burleigh’s limited edition tea cups and mugs

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  • How do you take your tea, your Majesty?

    Happy Birthday your Royal Highness!

    To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday this year (yes, we can’t quite believe it either), prestigious British potter Burleigh has created a limited edition collection to raise a cup to Her Majesty.

    Burleigh has been perfecting its craft for 160 years and is renowned for creating timeless ceramics for royal engagements and celebrations.

    Inspired by past patterns from Coronations and Jubilees, Burleigh has designed a limited edition pattern to adorn 500 teacups and 1,000 mugs that each have their own certificate of authenticity – uniquely numbered and signed by the decorator.

    The regal purple design features the Queen’s royal cipher, taken from a 1953 Coronation design, and a delicate border that replicates bunting, taken from the ‘Cameo’ 1951 design.

    A prominent crown is also printed on the inside of the tea cup and mug.

    Burleigh’s Managing Director Sebastian Lazell says: ‘Burleigh has a long tradition of making Royal commemoratives and it is fascinating to think that the clay used to make these pieces was mixed in the same machines that created the clay for Her Majesty’s Great, Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee; a unique lineage.’

    The tea cup and saucer will retail for £45 whilst the mug costs £25. All are available online and at retailers.

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