Seven spectacular cat trees to save your sofa

Cat got its claws into your furniture? Take a look at these ingenious cat trees guaranteed to keep your soft furnishings scratch-free.

We all love our feline friends. But we love our furniture too, which is why it can be more than a little upsetting when kitty gets his or her claws stuck into our favourite sofa / armchair / carpet / rug (add or delete as appropriate).

But snagged threads and tatty chair arms can be a thing of the past with the help of a good cat tree. We've scoured the web for seven of the best, from DIY triumphs to cash-clever options and the finest kitty climbing frames the shops have to offer.

1. The real deal

What better base could there be for a cat tree than an actual tree? This one, by moggy fans Lax Cat Creations, looks rather stylish, too. If you made your own, you could put your own spin on it with scratch pads in colours to complement your decorating scheme.

2. Minimal marvel

Cat trees don't have to be a blight on your living room landscape. This clean-lined contemporary cat tree is as cool for owners as it is for cats and offers plenty of room for more than one moggy to hang out.

3. On the shelf

Short on floor space? No bother. Simply buy a set of floating shelves (style and budget up to you) and top with scratch-friendly carpet - sisal is a good, long-lasting option.

4. Kitty castle

If you're handy with a drill and a saw, why not build your cat his or her own kitty keep? This one is made of MDF covered in claw-enticing carpet.

5. In the round

Here's an easy and affordable DIY project. Simply saw a concrete form tube into equal-length sections, cover the outsides and bottom half of the insides with carpet liner and stack in a clover-shaped formation using strong superglue to stick them together. As a finishing touch, dangle a piece of rope inside the top tube for kitty to toy with at his or her leisure.

6. Cats rule, dogs drool

Okay, so it may not exactly be a ‘tree', but what cat wouldn't jump at the opportunity to literally get one up on their canine nemeses? What's more, the handmade design has serious style factor and would look right at home in a neutral contemporary scheme.

7. Purrfect playground

Got a spare room in your home? Forget turning it into a home office or putting up your family at Christmas. Instead, why not create an elaborate feline assault course? This one is made by German design firm Goldtatze. The individual components are sold separately and can be put together in any number of labyrinthine combinations for your cat to explore.

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