Create a gorgeous lampshade in 3 simple steps

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  • Add colour to your dining area with a bold lampshade, choose a bright accent for a fun look. Brought to you by Style at Home.

    Fancy adding pops of colour to your dining area? We’ve found 
a very clever lampshade kit, which means you can create large drum shades for a fraction of the price of those in the shops. What’s more, you can choose your own fabric, wrap 
or even wallpaper to complement your scheme. Hang as a pendant or why 
not make a pair of matching shades for your sideboard?

    You will need

45cm-diameter drum lampshade kit,



    Fabric scissors

    50cm x 
150cm-wide Turquoise 
Tanis fabric, 
£5.83 per m,

    Step one
    Unpack the lampshade kit – you should have two lampshade rings, 
a self-adhesive lampshade panel, double-sided tape and a serrated tool. Press your fabric and lay on a flat surface, right-side down. Peel back the panel’s backing by about 10cm and slowly 
unroll, carefully sticking to your fabric. 
Trim off any excess fabric.

    Step two
    Crease and peel off the pre-scored edges at the top and bottom of the lampshade panel. Attach double-sided tape to the panel’s right-hand vertical (short) edge. Wrap the two rings with double-sided tape, pinching around the wire. Remove the top tape layer.

    Step three
    Place the two rings at the left-hand edge of your panel (without tape) at the top and bottom, and roll-up the shade (you may need a helper). Make sure the smaller ring faces down on what will be the top of your frame. Remove the top tape layer on the right-hand side and press the shade edges together. Fold the fabric edges in and tuck under the rings, using the serrated tool for a neat finish.

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