Eight awesome study spaces guaranteed to take the sting out of homework

Welcome the start of another school year with these motivating and inspirational study areas

It's that time of year again! As the beginning of a new school term approaches, now's the time to lay the groundwork for a smooth academic start that will set them up for the rest of the year. Turning over a corner of your home to create study station shows kids that you take their work seriously and gives them a quiet place to concentrate filled with things they love to comfort and inspire them.

So don't wait for the homework to start piling up; be inspired by these stylish and practical study spaces that will make sitting down to tackle school work something to look forward to.

1. Get organised with chunky shelving

Incorporate chunky, open shelving to your child's desk area with plenty of storage boxes and files. This will encourage messy teenagers to be neat, tidy and organised. Contrast bold and colourful stationary with a white desk and walls for a cheerful and sophisticated look. Decorating cubbyholes with patterned wallpaper is also a fun way to add more impact.

2. Make studying cool

Create a stylish space that makes them feel good about flexing their brains. Opt for a sophisticated look like this New York loft-inspired study area. Team neutral walls and soft furnishings with exposed brickwork and wooden floorboards to create a mature and refined look. You can then add bursts of colour with accessories, such as vintage wall prints, to add a studenty vibe.

3. Hand over some space, no matter how small

If you have a small nook in your house, why not transform it into a cosy desk area? If it's too small to fit a bulky desk, then fix a shelf or worktop onto brackets in the walls - they're easy to install and take up far less space. Let them choose their favourite colour for accessories but help keep them coordinated by sticking to two accents. Handing over a bit of the house to make their own will make them feel grown up and invested in the space - making them more likely to sit down there!

4. Build a secret study den

Even better for utilising space is this compact desk area in a bedroom wardrobe. It's a genius idea that will enable your child to work in peace and then shut it away and pretend it doesn't exist afterwards.

5. Create a dual purpose bedroom with everything they need

Purchasing a bunk-bed with a desk underneath is another great idea for creating a practical study zone. Use personal touches to create a homely feel by displaying toys, teddies, artwork and holiday finds on shelves.

6. Give your squad a stylish study HQ

If your children are close in age and like company while studying, then a double desk is a perfect. They can help each other out with tricky questions and form their very own study squad. Zone out each desk with different colours and make sure each child has a own notice board and storage to keep homework seperate.

7. Celebrate their interests

Be inventive with your wall space by adding statement wallpaper to make the study area more interesting and exciting. A large map is a great idea - not only is it fascinating to look at, but it may also helps with geography. You could also paint a chalkboard onto the wall with black chalkboard paint. From writing lists to timetables; it's a great tool for making learning fun.

8. Tackle it together

Maybe you work from home or have a hobby that you enjoy doing in the evenings - this is a great way to encourage your child to focus on their homework while you get time to work on your own projects. To help with their concentration, try the timer system where you both work for short bursts of time - try 10 minutes at first with older children - and then do something fun for the same amount of time. It's a great way to slowly build up their stamina for learning while spending time together.

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Holly Walsh
Content Editor

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