Leopard print to shabby chic: The nation’s favourite interior trends revealed

Everyone has their own interior style, but you may be more in keeping with your neighbours than you thought!

A new survey has revealed the nation's favourite interior trends - with some of them a little more bold than others!

In a quest to find out which styles are most loved by the British public, Hillarys polled 2,944 British adults from across the UK and the results certainly took us by surprise...

living area with wooden wall and grey sofa with cushions

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It appears that Londoners like to keep it chic and sleek when it comes to their interiors, with 31% favouring pared-back Scandinavian style - probably a good thing when the average size of a one bed flat in the capital is the size of a single tube carriage!

bedroom with silver colour bed and wallpaper wall

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While you may have thought those t'up north were more into their cosy cottages, it turns out they're a little bolder when it came to decking out their home, with 28% opting for leopard print in Yorkshire and a girly glitz and glamourous theme in the North West.

bedroom with white wall and white side table

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Brummies and those in the West Midlands are apparently dreaming of seaside living with a nautical/ beach vibe the penchant of 29% of residents. With the nearest beach a good couple of hours away, anchor print cushions will have to do!

bathroom with wallpaper wall and washbasin and mirror and white towel

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41% of those surveyed in Northern Ireland said that vintage style was their preferred interior trend.

Take a look at which styles the rest of the country declared their love for:

  • Wales - Shabby chic/DIY & craft (17%)
  • East of England - Animal/pet themed (14%)
  • East Midlands - 1950s style (29%)
  • South West - Eco friendly/naturals (15%)
  • North East - 1970s style (21%)
  • Scotland - Travel themed (30%)

It was also revealed that 67% of people said that their interior style had been criticised by friends or family, with parents, in-laws and siblings most likely to pass judgment (there goes their invite for Sunday lunch!).

But whether you're in to shabby chic or Scandi style, your home is your castle so stick to your decorating guns!