Five sculptural lighting ideas to enhance your home

Ideas for expressing your artistic side through sculptural lighting

Lighting fixtures have become one of the most artistic products available with which to express yourself through decorating. Sculptural lighting fixtures are a firm trend for interiors, serving not only for practical illumination purposes, but also as abstract works of art in their own right. Lighting that demands attention will lend dynamism to even the most minimalistic schemes.

Here's our pick of inspiring options.

aperture pendant light with glass table with bench

(Image credit: Design 55 Interiors)

This timeless Aperture pendant light by Design 55 is made from heavy paper which is semi transparent giving a soft and warm light. Designed by Claire Norcross, the piece has been inspired by pine cones and can be used in almost any room in the house, either in modern or traditional settings.

melt copper light

(Image credit: Tom Dixon)

Tom Dixon's Melt Copper lighting fixture is the result of experimentation in the technologically advanced field of
vacuum metallisation - a dark art for most of us! A distorted lighting globe expressing a mesmerising fluidity, the sculptural

work is the product of Tom Dixon's collaboration with Swedish radical design
collective FRONT. Melt is translucent when on and
exhibits a mirror like finish when off. It's also available in chrome and gold.


white colour fiorella suspension chandelierlight

(Image credit: Slamp)

The Fiorella Suspension light was designed by Nigel Coates for Italian company Slamp and is impossible to ignore. It's made from Cristalflex acrylic, which gives it a shimmering,
iridescent quality. The piece echoes the directional character of the traditional chandelier, whilst its delicate and intricate design places it
firmly in the 21st century. Intended as a timeless piece, its creator should know how to accomplish this given his status as professor of architecture and interiors at
the Royal College of Art.


faux taxidermy light and window

(Image credit: Northern Lighting)

The faux taxidermy trend shows no sign of slowing and its latest incarnation, Northern Lighting's Moo is a whimsical play on the traditional hunting trophy. Created by Ove Rogne the full scale wall-mounted Norwegian moose head can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. In contrast to many of the more popular abstract lighting fixtures, a steady stream of figurative pieces are starting a mini-trend. Inspired by the moose in northern Norway, Moo is made from made of poly-resin material, that
gives a smooth and transparent flow of light. Rogne says he hopes the fixture will stand out as a "post-modern kitch trophy".


room with wooden floor and twilight tree

(Image credit: Alun Callender)

We couldn't resist sharing Twilight Trees' LED lit sculptures. Available to buy or hire, the trees can be used indoors and out, creating a magical effect as soon as the sun goes down. Drawing on her creative background and eye for sculptural design, company founder Susie Reid Thomas set up Twilight Trees
in 2013 to provide beautiful, life-like LED-lit trees in a variety of
shapes, sizes and finishes. Used either as a permanent installation or
to enhance a party or special event, the trees add an enticing
decorative touch both inside and out. Read H&G's interview with Susie here.

Thea Babington-Stitt
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