Hurrah for Hive: Five reasons to love Hive Active 2

Hive's had a bit of a makeover - and it's fair to say we're pretty impressed

To lot of our readers, Hive Active Heating needs no introduction. But for the uninitiated, the nifty little device from British Gas allows you to control your heating and hot water remotely - waving goodbye to ice-cold welcomes as your walk through the front door in the depths of winter.

The clever product first launched in 2013, and has now been given a swanky upgrade with a whole range of new features. Intrigued? Here's what you need to know about Hive Active Heating 2...

1. It has a super-sleek design

hive thermostat with sleek design

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Themostat technology might not be the sexiest piece of kit on the block, design wise, but Hive has certainly upped the ante with its new look. Its sleek and stylish industrial feel means it's something to show off, rather than hide away, but it's kept the dial appearance to mimic traditional thermostats (so if you don't like change you'll barely notice the difference!).

2 . Holiday controls will put your mind at ease

room with white wall potted plant and hive thermostat

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While the look of Hive has been given an update, so has its technology. You can now control heating boosts with the option for an extra blast of heat (up to six hours) and a ‘holiday mode' setting you can switch on whenever you're away. If you're not keen on leaving your home empty when you're off chasing the sun, the all-new Hive Active Lights allow you to switch bulbs on and off remotely - giving the impression you're at home.
When Winter Is Coming, you can use the handy Frost Protection that automatically activates when you're heating is off and you're away, helping to avoid the dreaded frozen pipes situation.

3. There are motion sensors for paranoid androids

hive active thermostat

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In addition to Active Plugs, the new range also allows you to use motion, window and door sensors. Just nip into your app and double - or triple if you're anything like me! - check you've locked up as you dart up the street.

4. You can now control other appliances

room with thermostat hive and white wall

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Not content with taking over the heating world, Hive knows the way to our hearts lies with a nice cup of tea. One of the nifty new features of the smartphone app, Hive Active Plugs, allows you to add other appliances to your settings, so you can switch the kettle on as you step off the bus and put your mind at rest over hair straightener paranoia on your way to work.

5. You can mix and match your colours

multi coloured hive thermostat with sleek design

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If the industrial look isn't quite your cup of tea, you can customise your Hive thermostat with a new range of clip-on colour frames. The 12 colours from the Dulux Feature Wall Range can be added to your thermostat to match your colour scheme. If bright isn't for you there's also a natural wood option for Scandi fans.

Sound good? Hive Active Heating 2 is available to buy now, with installation from August. Installation for new customers is £249 and if you're an existing Hive customer you can upgrade for £99.

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